Salem Mostofo Curriculum Vita

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Summary of Qualifications


Masters in Telecommunication Management and a B.S.E in Biomedical Engineering.  Over ten years of experience in the health care information technology field that spans multiple areas of the software development life cycle from project management to development and design.  Technical experience in many IT platforms such as Windows, AIX and Solaris.  Ability to lead teams from all facets of the business in the development and implementation of business and technology strategies that create competitive advantage.

Professional experience

2001 - present                MediServe Information Systems            Tempe, Arizona

Senior Integration Analyst April 2003 – present

· Developed and implemented device and system interfaces.

· Developed QA testing plans and processes to ensure interfaces are error free.

· Created design and architecture of new interface applications.

Interface Implementations Manager 2001 – April 2003

· Implemented systems / processes and tools that enable customer service representatives to manage the customer's network.

· Analyzed, planed and designed integration architecture for multiple customer sites

· Supervised and evaluated the performances of integration consultants and developers.

· Worked closely with product management to determining integration product direction and functionality based on market

1996 – 2001                    MOTOROLA / Eclipsys Corporation      Phoenix, Arizona

Integration Technical Project  Manager 2000 - 2001

· Directed and supervised interface development and implementation function for projects for multiple customers

· Identified new business opportunities and worked closely with account executives to help customers achieve implementation and business goals and objectives to integrate disparate IT systems at the hospital

· Analyzed, planed and designed integration architecture  for multiple customer sites

· Supervised and evaluated the performances of integration consultants and developers.

· Worked closely with product management to determining integration product direction and functionality based on market

Senior Integration Consultant 1998 -2000

· Analyzed integration projects and aided customers in the decision making for interface engine policies and best practices by providing HL7 knowledge and expertise

· Managed Integration projects during the implementation and testing phase.

· Troubleshooting implementation issues providing creative solutions and problem resolution on interface engines or within the interface application.

· Spearheaded knowledge transfer  efforts to group members and across departments which created company policies and best practices for interface implementations

· Took the initiative to create a customer training class which generated revenue for the company and expedited implementation times along with creating customer satisfaction

· Administered and maintained the team's testing LAN for NT 4.0 network

Software Engineer 1996 - 1998

· Analyzed and collected data for software development and software enhancement projects

· Organized and lead formal code reviews designed for early detection of software defects

· Started a mentoring and training program which speeded new hires productivity time

· Testing and systems analysis for HL7 interfaces for hospital information systems

· Customer service and support during implementation phases

· Aided in software development of medical device communication to the clinical information system by analyzing and communicating customer needs to programmers.

1994 – 1996                   First Light International Corp      Phoenix, Arizona

Executive Director

· Managed, supervised and directed four sales and marketing professionals

· Organized and directed government contracting and bidding processes

· Created lists of potential suppliers and played the role of purchasing agent

· Aided in drafting and writing of business contracts of various natures

· Organized and created business leads and contacts for import/export of various products

· Fostered a team environment to facilitate sharing of corporate knowledge

· Managed and directed biomedical equipment installation projects in large hospital environments in the US and other International countries.

1993 – 1994                   Arizona State University - Residence Life           Tempe, Arizona

Computer Systems Administrator ( MS Network, Apple Network)

· Preformed system administration functions including back-up and recovery of the system servers

· Routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software keeping labs fully operational round the clock with minimal down time.

· Contacted vendors and suppliers and arranged for technical support

· Maintained hardware and software to keep the LAN(s) operational.

1992 – 1994                   Arizona State University – IT                               Tempe, Arizona

Computing Consultant

· Worked in a team environment training new employees and helping customers solve computer problems

· Opened and closed computing sites at the university lab centers


June 2000                      DeVry University / Keller                                   Mesa, Arizona

Master of Telecommunication Management

· MBA with emphasis on Telecommunications management including networking concepts, business strategies, strategic planning and use of information technology to increase competitive advantage.

· Managing software development projects

· Strategic systems analysis and design methods

· Management of Project Procurement

· Data Network Design for computer networks, telecom networks and internets

· Strategy and application of telecommunications in business including VPN, XDSL, ISDN, FR, SONET, ATM, WAP and many other protocols and technologies.

March 1997                    Motorola Corporate University                         Chandler, Arizona

Certificate in Software Review

· Learned methods, policies and practices for software reviews to reduce software defects as part of the Six Sigma process of continuous improvement.

December 1995              Arizona State University                                   Tempe, Arizona

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

· BSE degree with emphasis on healthcare, health related and biomedical applications minor in materials science.



· HL7 Certified Control Specialist.


· Languages: C++, V Basic, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML

· Operating System:  Unix, VAX, VM, DOS, Windows, NT, MS SQL,

· Design Tools:  Netformx, ACAD

· Standards:  DCOM, HL7, Object Oriented Programming, Motorola Programming Practices

· Productivity Applications: Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, PC Anywhere, Citrix, Clarify, ClearCase, CVS, SalesLogix


· Excellent Customer service and presentation skills using the latest in visual aids and presentation software

· Strong negotiation and personal skills.