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We stood under the same sky that night
although we  did not know it.       
Gods sky so clear and starry bright;
it foretold our Future Story.
The Heavens glowing with Gods magnificent Creation;
a night long ago, on a beach so far away.
You stood there with me, but in Spirit only,
together our Souls longed for another time, another day..
The sight of a full Moon, the sound of the pounding surf,
the scent of campfire smoke in the salted air;
All intertwined and played out for us a Miracle,
that only Our souls understood someday we would share!
You were out there waiting for me, a far distance away
both of us living  a lost and lonesome life;
Not knowing that someday our paths would cross;
and you would ask me to become your loving wife.
Now more than two decades have passed
and twice have we been Blessed;
Many good times have come and gone,
we've encountered and survived many of  Life's tests.
And when we have to leave this Beautiful Earth
the time in which all must move forward,
We pray our Kindred Spirits may remain together,
with hopes that this be Gods Plan:
Eternity our Reward!
Written by J. Z. Porter~
(c) 2000 All Rights Reserved

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