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God sent his only Son Jesus down to walk upon this Earth
When humans were living Life far from Perfection
Here He was Crucified and from Death he arose
Achieving Ressurection.

He came to teach His Father's people;
Amongst us He did roam.
His Fathers Plan He did complete
So when we take leave of this Earth
We may reside with Him in a Heavenly Home.

Sometimes it seems this Creation called the Human Race
Are rushing thru this World at such a furious Pace
I wish people would slow down awhile and realize
The Price Jesus paid for us,
So we would be assured of Receiving His Fathers
Wonderous Grace!

A painfull Crown of Thorns He was forced to wear
After having endured complete Humiliation.
Uncomplaining He was paraded with The Cross thru crowded streets
As people watched and wept in helpless consternation.
What pain and suffering He must have felt as He
Withstood  this terrible Tribulation!

"The King of Jews" read a sign above His head,
Nails were pounded into His Hands and Feet,
His thirst was great, but Vinegar was all he was fed.
Two thieves receiving the same treatment near Him
did He meet.

One made fun of Him and said "If You are the True Son of God,
why don't You save Yourself and us right this moment!"
The other said to his comrade,
"Hush, He has done nothing to warrent this punishment!
"But we have been Sinful and ours we did earn!"
Then to Jesus did he turn.

Those who Witnessed heard him say -
"Remember me when You come back as King."
To which Our Lord did reply
"In Paradise we will meet this very day!"

At Noon  a Great Darkness came upon the Earth,
Jesus looked upward  toward Heaven,
"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do!"
He knew the moment was nie to give up His Spirit,
and the Time had come for Mankinds Rebirth.

On the third day when Disciples went to His tomb to pray
They entered the  already opened door with Dread
Finding no body there they knew
The Scriptures had come True,
He had already risen from the Dead
And paid the Price for Me and You!

So if in this Life you are still looking for Direction -
Stop and Remember that Wonderful Day of Ressurection!

Written by J. Z. Porter (c) 2001 All Rights Reserved
Midi: Beneath the Cross of Jesus