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Once a year we celebrate this Wonderful Day,
To let Fathers know we care about them in a Special Way!

Fathers are there when no one else will do,
Fathers are there to help Protect me and you!
The day a man knows he is to have a daughter
or perhaps a son,
He begins to look forward with thoughts of fun,
'Tis a Time that can be compared to none!
From the first day of this knowledge,
'Till the day they leave for work or College,
Special Bonds are formed like no other,
Somehow different than even from their Mother.
Whether they be called Father, Daddy or Pop,
Fatherhood's call will never Stop!
Mere words can never convey
What Their children feel for Them every day!
And Oh how wonderful when they hear him say
"Forget about work - let's go out and Play!"
Me-I'll never forget when he taught me to skate,
'Twas more important than being asked on a date!
And remember when he taught you to play ball,
and he caught you when from that tree you were
Told not to climb you almost did fall?
Over the years your relationship may have gone up
and down,
Times that were sad and made you frown,
But when all is said and done,
Remember most of all the good times and Fun!

Get in Touch with your Father and let him know,
This is the Day we've chosen to show
We're glad he's been here to help us grow!

Written by J. Z. Porter (c) 2001 All Rights Reserved

This page is Dedicated to My Father:

GERALD A. GATES - born March 31, 1922

And to the Memory of my Husbands Father:

ROBT. L. PORTER - April 10, 1906 - December 2, 1967