I don't know how God knew
how much I truly needed you;
Doesn't it seem strange though how we met?
That night we found each other on the Net?
Somehow our Guardian Angels stretched out their hands
across the miles
Now when I see you are On Line
I know that we'll soon be sharing smiles!
This message is to Thank You for being there
for whether I am feeling down or feeling sad
With you I know my thoughts I can share
and soon will no longer be hurting so bad.
And when your Life seems to be getting weary,
Give me a shout, and you can be sure
I am just seconds away from trying to make
your feelings  just a little more cheery.
Some Friendships are short, some are long;
so many relationships have come and gone,
Years from now if God be willing
May Ours still be growing strong!
Written by J. Z. Porter
(c) 2000 All Rights Reserved