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In my Grandparents Garden many a flower did bloom
Roses of all colours, daisys pure and white,
Snapdragons, petunias, marigolds, hollyhocks so tall;
Citrus trees, and walnuts, eucalyptus, to endless height.
Under the grape arbour many an hour did I spend in quiet meditation;
The sweet smell over whelming, the bees and wasps gathering
in the nectar;
So peaceful! So soothing! No need for medication!
The essence of this place has defined my Soul,
It has helped me pass through this world,
From its magic I have drawn Life's goal;
Out of their garden my journey had its beginning
Their Spiritual Peace has contributed to all
who have passed by and witnessed its Beauty.
May They rest in Gods Peace knowing they have
accomplished Their Earthly duty!
The closest place to Heaven any Soul could ever find;
How I have longed to return there - even if just for one more hour;
for you see, the greatest thing that grew there ----
Written By J. Z. Porter
(c) 2000 All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to the Memory of my maternal Grandparents:
Dorothy B. (Rulon) Choate and Joseph Rowland Choate who now Reside in God's Garden, Soulmates for all Eternity!
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