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"Listen to the Music of the Universe."

"Be still and Know that He is God."
Born with it in the Soul
It has Always been there
Forever my Goal
With me Eternal, Everywhere!
The Angels sang me into this World
Voices from Heaven
Universal Music ringing in my Ears
Growing louder and clearer with the Years.
Melody in the Womb I heard
The Universial sound Eternal
Brought forth by His first Word
Around us Forever here External.
It was My Calling from the Beginning
Tho it took Years before I understood
The Music kept playing
It sounded Oh So Good!
Rhythms dancing round in my Mind
Melody's and Harmonies of every kind
How do I explain this to those around me
This was His Gift, it was meant to be!
Now I must leave all I knew behind
To follow this calling
Where ever It may lead
So please understand and Wish
me God Speed!
The Music and the Song
Will take me far and wide
From my Muse I cannot hide
The Road I travel I know will be long,
So let the Melody play on and on!
~Written by J. Z. Porter ~

~Dedicated to You - Rob - Our "Music Man"!~ 
~Midi: Green Sleeves~