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The Breath of Angels blew on two seeds,
until they flew over just the right ground,
There they dropped them amonst some weeds,
and waited until God endowed them with the Gift of Life.
Under cover of the cold winter snow, downward thru the soil
strong roots began to grow.
When awakening came with the Spring, upward they grew
with the strength of the Light, green leaves beginning to show.
The rays of Summers sun made the plants grow stronger,
Hidden from each other for some reason they were kept,
the length of the  days growing longer and longer;
in Loneliness dew drops fell as they silently wept.
One warm sunny day the Lady of the House was helping
her Gardener carefully pluck out the Tares,
When  memories from her childhood made her stop and stare.
She thought she heard  an Angel whisper in her ear,
"Leave these two plants to grow - for someday they will produce
beautiful flowers beyond compare!"
That day the plants saw each other for the very first time,
and knew exactly what they were destined to do.
With the passing of every week closer to each other they drew.
At last they touched and began to entwine,
now that they had one and other to hold fast on too!
As the other flowers flourished around them taller  they became,
visitors coming and admiring them all but thinking it a shame,
Why  had  the Lady left THEM there? Was the gardener the one to blame?
Just smiling and shaking her head mysteriously,
knowing only she, the Angels and God knew....
Time flew by and so tall did they grow, a trellis she provided them with.
Still not a sign of a bloom did they produce,
Till even she began to wonder if what the Angels had whispered
had indeed been but a myth.
"Have Faith and Patience and shower them with Love"
She heard again from those voices from above,
"and Their appointed time shall come!"
So she waited.....and then she Prayed....
and with the arrival of the next Spring
Came a most Miraculous Thing!!
At first the tinest of buds did appear,
Now she knew THEIR time was drawing near,
The very next week her friends came by to stop and sneer,
But as they approached they could not believe what now was clear.
Behold! Before them what did they espy?
Red Roses so Beautiful! Beyond compare,
Growing in abundance towards the sky!
Faith, Patience, Hope, and Intervention from the One Above -
Had all worked together to help create -

              THE ROSES OF TRUE LOVE!

                Written by J. Z. Porter (c) 2001 All Rights Reserved