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The Season has changed
Autumn is here
'Tis time to gather the Family near
Meals and Time together to be arranged.
Leaves falling upon the ground
Red, yellow, orange and brown
Winds whipping and swirling them all around
Soon Winters snow will start flurring down!
The Harvest is in from the fields
So now we take time out to Celebrate
And give Thanks for the yields.
Time to relax and put aside talk of Wars and talk of Hate!
As it was on the First Thanksgiving Day
Gather all those you hold Dear
Round a Festive kitchen table and Pray
Giving Thanks to the Lord above -
That you've ALL made it safely thru yet another Year!

Written by J. Z. Porter
(c) 2001
Lord, hold me in Your arms so Dear!
Lord, keep us Daily Safe,
Lord, may we all be together again next Year!
Midi: "Windsong"