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On an Island Paradise the Full Moon traveled high
shining silvery thru the ocean Mist.
The Beauty of her Soul caught his eye,
in the chill of the Night two Lovers kissed.
The foaming water swirled round bare feet.
In the heat of the moment their Fate was sealed.
How eerie did it seem only hours ago did they meet.
Dreams for their lives had they already revealed.
But first across the sea to help settle a War he must appear,
A promised Mission had to be done.
He told her to return on the same Moon this time next year,
And under a canopy of Stars they would  become as One!
Twelve months had passed since last
they had stood here in the swirling Mist.
A Lifetime ago two Lovers had kissed,
He was missing in action, their plans now all
  but left in the Past.
A stormy sea brewed as she wept openly on the sand,
they had  warned her but she wandered out anyway.
He was lost to her - the Fates having dealt to them a terrible hand,
Angry waves swept in and dragged her unresisting out to where
       her Eternity lay!
Years passed and the Wars finally ended.
thoughts of that Night and her silken hair,
and on her pledge to wait had he depended,
His body and Soul kept together on her Promise to meet him there.
Devestated was his Heart when he heard of her Fate,
On the wet sands under the same silvery Moon,
He too wept, fearing for them it was too late,
But some spark of Hope flared inside, so he abided,
Tho he too had been warned of the oncoming Monsoon.
The Spirits of the Sea took pity on the pair,
the ground shook unnoticed, as he stood soaked in such
  great despair!
The Wind whipped up at a furious pace,
He could have sworn he felt again his Beloveds embrace!
An onlooker standing on a nearby cliff recounted the Story,
As he witnessed two Lovers reunited in Glory!
Entwined round each other in Rapuous Glee,
Two Soulmates finally United, swept out to spend Eternity
       in the Sea.....
Written by J. Z. Porter (c) 2001 All Rights Reserved
Melody: Unchained Melody