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"In the Beginning  was the Word..."

Words - God brought the whole Universe into being by the Power of uttering one Word.
Words - He used Words to Speak into existance every Living Being and non-living thing.
Words - Without them Chaos would Reign; no Order would exist anywhere.
Words - They come from God and are whispered by His Angels to those whom He has Blessed to receive them.
Words - They can bring comfort to those who need it.
Words - They can Heal those who are sick at Heart.
Words - They can also tear your whole World apart!
Words - There are those that people can misuse,
Words - Yet there are those that can be uttered to amuse,
Words - And there are those that can be used to abuse!
Words - They can tell stories of Battles and of Great Glories!
Words - They  are  unending and never will Cease,
Words - Coming from the Heart they can bring  great Peace!
Words - Using their imaginations Writers tell us Stories.
Words - Those who can teach tell  people of this Worlds Histories.
Words - Yes! Without them all of Life would remain such a Mystery!
Words - And without them how would we tell each other how much we Love them!
Words - So learn to use them Wisely - For every word that you Utter,
                       or every Thought in your Mind, can bring great Joy  to our Creator,
                                      or make all of Heaven Shutter!

                              LOVE IS ALL - AND GOD IS LOVE!

                                       Written by J. Z. Porter
Midi-"Let It Be"
(c) 2000 All Rights Reserved