The original steel pier was first built in 1898 and stretched 1770 feet into the ocean. The "Casino" at the end was not a gambling casino, but rather an entertainment pavillion that featured dancing, food, bands, and movies. There was also a "pier train" - a miniature train that ran the length of the pier along one side, carrying passengers to the Casino.

In 1907 a fire destroyed the original main entrance, pictured on the next page. The replacement entrance that was built had straight conical shaped entrance towers. The pier train was moved to a track on land.

A 1909 storm destroyed the midsection of the pier and it was rebuilt shorter, to about 900 feet.

The Casino became an aquarium in the late Sixties and later in the early Seventies it was condemned as unsafe. After the demolition, the pier was shortened to 700 feet.

Another storm in 1978 again tore out a midsection, and the pier was rebuilt at the present length of 500 feet, and is now all wood.

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