Alex V. Cook life

My life has been and will always be influenced by my interests, and as anyone who has ever spent any time around me knows, my real consuming passion in my life is telling people my interests, even to the exhaustion of my audiance. It seems fitting to me then, to include links in my life.

The lists below are incomplete, but the cracks will be filled in with time.

Music and musicians have always been a big influence on me....

John Cage Richard Hell John Coltrane Hank Williams Einsturzende Neubauten
Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV Buzzcocks Harry Partch Joy Division Anthony Braxton
The Velvet Underground The Fall Philip Glass No Wave Lamonte Young
Herb Alpert Charles Mingus Devo The B-52's Brian Eno
Lounge Music/Jazz L.A Punk Rock Miles Davis Elvis Costello have been artists...

Stan Brakhage Jackson Pollock Robert Rauschenberg Jasper Johns Paul Klee
Andy Warhol Joseph Beuys Jean-Michel Basquiat Survival Research Labratories Fluxus
Surrealism Young British Artists Dada Kurt Schwitters Yoko Ono
Richard Hamilton Ed Paschke Ed and Nancy Keinholz Chris Burden Vienna Direct Action
Nam June Paik Situationalist International

...and writers ...

William Burroughs Frederich Nietzche Mark Lehner Ludvig Wittgenstein Michel Foucault
Calvin Thompkin RE/Search Charles Bukowski Antonin Artaud Alfred Jarry
Samuel Beckett Eugene Ionesco Beat Writers Walt Whitman Irvine Welsh
Dylan Thomas James Joyce e. e. cummings F. Buckminster Fuller Charles Battcock

I also maintain a few other web projects.

Galaxy Music - Vintage Guitars and Equipment Something Else - a radio program of experimental music in Chicago The Happy Hour - A radio program of jazz and lounge music in Baton Rouge, hosted be me

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