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This is the playlist for January 19, 1997
Artist Track Album Label
Mr. Pinky S.E. Theme - -
Aube Awakening in the Pool Schiroseasons Schirocoal
Klangkreig Stuhlscharren 38cbm ND
Gregory Whitehead In Malpais the Pleasure of Ruins and other Castaways Staaplaat
TV POW Giant Jig toting Rabbit Eating Dwarf Live Performance (about an hour, 10 minutes)
Ian Birse Starting Bird Flies
the Moment is Umm...
Free X How to Play a Minute in Ten Guitars
Exterior Mirror Guilty or Organic Hupp Katyn
Spit The Marriage Counselor Audio Erotica One: The Art of Spanking Pacific Force
[The Rest of the program was djed by TV POW with Tony form 7000 Dying Rats]
UFO or Die Suckmystomach Space Disco Mom and Pop (?)
Xome excerpt from split tape with Death Squad split tape with Death Squad Negotron/ Spastic Sonics
Ground Zero Null and Void Preview New Conservative God Mountain
Masonna Destructive Microphone, side b. Destructive Microphone Alley Sweeper
TV POW Tony Miranda Pulling a String From His Penis unreleased -
Thursday Night Television Backwards off the Subway Platform unreleased -
James Plotkin (swimming against) Clinton Street (swimming against) Clinton Street Alley Sweeper
Cult Junk Cafe Nyrome from Earth 114 (soon to be out on Gentle Giant)
Wheaton Research Placid Depend out sometime (?) on Indiscreet
Film no title (live in Canada), excerpt unreleased -
7000 Dying Rats Crunch of the Blue Lobster
Porkgrinds for Mama
Pass the Honey, Butter
High Steppin Jojo Ma
Charlee Don't Surf
Staff of Life
J.J. Fumbles
Rise Gamma, Rise
3 7" box set Stomach Ache
Pencilneck Plight of the Transcribant The High and Low Incline Toward Each Other Intestinal Fortitude
Dendoba unreleased live recording - -
Violent Onsen Geisha Balloon Collecting in the Wilderness Balloon Collecting in the Wilderness Japan Overseas
Killer Bug Slaughter on the Beach Slaughter on the Beach Self Abuse

Playlist for Jan. 12, 1997

Next week: Megan Ores and Philip von Zweck perform radio play(s ?) by Samuel Beckett

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