mini-mock (16K)

Don Mock is the designer of the Mock-Form, a soft kite that is somewhere in between a Flowform and a Parafoil. It has the Flowform's high profile, large cell openings, and small number of cells. It is more like a Parafoil in that it is rectangular, instead of having the distinctive 'molar' shape of a Flowform.

I built the 20 sqft version of the kite in the class Don gave at the 2003 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference. It is a stable flier and does well without a tail or drogue, unless the wind is very strong or gusty. Don calls it a Mini-Mock, because he builds much larger version. It's plenty big enough for me though!

Interestingly, Don gave us a choice between closing most of the cells in the back or leaving them all open. The former results in a slightly lower angle of flight and increased pull, a good choice for a lifter kite. The latter yields a kite that flys at a very high angle and does not pull very hard.

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Last Updated: Mar 5, 2003