In the beginning...

A Fleur-de-Lis came to pass that the King called a Great Tournament, that all of his fell warriors might hone their skills of war, one against the other, in good fellowship.

And the warriors were well pleased with the prospect, but still something troubled them. And they spake unto their King, saying "Great Majesty, well pleased are we to take up arms in tournament, to prove again that when Calon warriors take the field nobody lives, everybody dies, and nobody gets laid."

"But in such a tournament it needs be that TWO armies meet upon the field, with TWO liveries and TWO banners, lest no man be able to tell friend from foe. The warriors of Calontir are like stones in a wall, each different, but united to a common cause. How then will we divide ourselves to play at war? Give us instruction in this, Great King!"

And the King spake thus unto His Warriors, saying "Let it be that the fighters who dwell in Our Glorious Baronies align themselves upon the Field of Honor against those of Our Noble Shires. And, as the colors of Our Kingdom are Purpure and Or, let the Shires take Or for their livery and let the Baronies take Purpure.

And further, let the bards and other artisans contend as well, that not only Our warriors but all Our Populace will be spurred on to even greater deeds!"

And so it was. Herein is a part of that chronicle, told for the Shires by HL Harald Isenross and for the Baronies by HL Mathurin Kerbusso. May these humble efforts find favor with you, Great Lords and Ladies of Calontir.

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Done by our hands, this thirtieth year of the Society, sitting in Their Majesties' Barony of Forgotten Sea and Their Majesties' Shire of Spinning Winds.

In Service to Kingdom,Crown and Society, We remain

Harald Isenross
Mathurin Kebusso