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Have we chatted.. especially in the SoHo Loft chat, 1996-97? So, what's new?

Enquiring minds want to know anything newsy, but here are suggestions:

  • where you are, what you're doing,
  • where & when you chat, and your current name(s),
  • ICQ? Your # for your friends to contact? URL(s) and your email addy,
  • ETC!

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    Latest news from former SoHo chatters:

    Friends who've contacted me, sort of in alphabetical order:

    Chatnames starting with letters M - Z

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    • Malice in Wonderland, aka Jen (thanks to Anadine for explaining this to me!), updates us for the 2001 Reunion: "I am graduating this December from the University of Maryland with a psychology degree, and next year in June I am going to Africa as a volunteer with the Peace Corps. I have no regularly updated website, but the best ways to reach me are through AOL Instant Messenger (my handle is bellabird) or through email ("

    • Marichellennia (surname formerly Hawkmoon, now Sowelucat) says, "Hi! I am the one and only Marichellennia (former last name Hawkmoon, now changed to Sowelucat) I used to chat every single day for hours in those 'golden years', but after they closed the good old SoHo Chat I kinda lost interest...this reunion and the new SoHo chatroom is just great!!! Brings back so many memories, both good and bad.. My webpage is still at SoHo/Studios/7722 and I am now engaged to someone I met on the net a couple of years ago (not in a chat) and we are very happy :) I have met several of the chatters of SoHo, among them MADduck from Denmark and Babalou from Italy. Great fun! My best wishes to everyone!

    • Meadowlark says, "I now use llanally as my chat/icq name, though I don't really chat anywhere anymore. ICQ# 6774163. I'm back in Virginia going to college. As for more SoHo-ers, Golden Wolf (aka Karolyn)is at and ICQ# 2955940 still I think and SAINT is at ICQ# 1590896 but neither come online much anymore."

    • Methos MacLeod, aka Moth MacLeod, says, "Hi, I used to chat in SoHo, what a wonderful place!! My current chat name is usually MacMethos or Sarah MacMethos. I have AOL instant messenger, under the name of the1MacMethos, and Microsoft messenger at The e-mail I check most often is" Methos' homepage is at

    • Michael says: "Greetings: Back in the day, I chatted in SoHo as 'Sensitive, Humble, Brilliant', but found myself Javaed out of the room when the chat format changed.It was a sad day. I still have my page on Geo: SoHo/Gallery/4928. I'm living and teaching in Oregon, and chatting very infrequently--nothing near the high quality of the old SoHo crew exists anywhere online nowadays. I'd be happy to hear what everyone is up to these days. My ICQ: 4797976."

    • Midnight Pumpkin, aka a whole lot of other names (I do that, too! *grin*), and--like Gumdrops and me--another dollmaker + artist, is online chatting in ICQ and especially in ICUII as Faerie, or as Alyce Malyce, in full gothic makeup of course! *grin* She's still married (congrats, Midnight!) and her son is now in his teens. And she's refurbishing her webpages, so there'll be more info on that, later. Does anyone know how to reach her? is bouncing... *sniff*

    • The dazzling and talented Mr. Pez, aka Adam Jakib, says, "Sorry I've been out of contact with everyone! After SoHo's demise I lost everyone! I have a few homepages but none dedicated to me only...they are both band pages. Anyway, I'm on ICQ so everyone come grab me @: 12675762. You can't get of Mr. Pez that easily! Much Love!" And you can email him at

    • MysteryLady, aka Lynn, aka Joel's mom, is in North Carolina, being a nurse at Duke. She shared a whole lot of info with me about other SoHo Loft chatters. Like Nikki (aka Radiant), MysteryLady has met several Loft alumni offline, and suggests that we should do a talk show where we all finally meet and try to match names and faces, to nicknames! Cool idea! You can reach Lynn at and she's at ICQ 2701452.

    • Nicki (Nicola Scurlock) has the always-brilliant mint mansion webpages at GC. Latest news from her includes romance! Yes, she's engaged, planning to marry sometime next year.

      She's also working in her own company now, pscreative (go there and see the site... gorgeous work, as usual!), and recently entered an animated film in a London festival. Cool!

    • We've heard from Ohamsie, who'd love to hear from friends. She says: "Uh, I really don't think we ever met in soho. I was usually on around 3:00-4:00 after school. So I was there. You can even ask Joe/f. She rocks. I found this site through E. Magill's. Anyways, I was wondering if you've heard anything from Angel on the Run/Rocks (AOTR) or WCE. I miss them, and their old webpage is now gone, boo.

      Well, here's some stuff about me if ya wanna know:
      Name: Ohamsie
      Age: 18 On September 20th (2000)
      Occupation: Student in high school, amusement park ride operator
      Status: Single
      Sign: Virgo
      Chat?: Not much anymore, when I do It's on Mirc in #moonside or #earthbound

    • Noa lived in Maryland for two years, spent a month in Italy this past summer, and is now back in the army! (Wow, the years really have flown past!) Noa has computer access (training in electronics), and can be reached at, or chatting in ICQ as noa_k.

    • Pierced, aka Brian, has checked in with this update, "Weel lets see, I have retired from the Navy, opened up a Tattoo / Piercing studio as well as working another full time job for now. Working on a webpage. ICQ # is 21367437 and you can use it, have kept in touch w/ joe/f but not enough from the news I found out tonight congrats and good luck to you joe... big hugs right back. Take care to all and hope to be in touch w/ those that remember me." In a second message, he adds, "email is or his other email, [four-letter email name deleted *grin and shrug*--hey, this is a family page!] (you can click on this link to use that email anyway), any or all can be used please. Glad to see some old and familiar names and look forward to talking to one and all. Be good and take care."

    • The colorful Pwca, aka Glenn, has found his true calling, collecting beach glass, surfing, and working on his tan. Well, maybe...? No, he didn't really say that; I made it up! *grin* Seriously (or not), he's living and teaching, about a hundred yards from the Gulf of Mexico and loving it! Although it may be older (?), Glenn still has a refreshing and funny site at CollegePark/2339, so check it out.

    • Radiant, aka Nikki, is still single and studying part-time at university (in a four-year program) as a theatre major at Brock Univ, so she's still living in Ontario, Canada. She still TOTALLY misses everyone from the Loft, and is also still totally about smiley faces..they're everywhere! So far, she's met at least ten people from the Loft and she wants to meet everyone! So visit her and let her show you nearby Niagara Falls. Her email addy is, her ICQ is 2108614 and AIM is n1991090. She'll be on MSN and Yahoo Messengers soon, too. Or cruise by her stunning and lyrical website at Paris/3105. (She's also sent me more SoHo email addys so I can maybe reach more of our still-lost chatters! Yippee!)

    • Raequel has news to share with us! Woohoo! *grin*

      She says: "my fiancee Banshee and i just set up our new(well kinda used) computer and now we are on-line in our home!!!!!!

      For those who dont know our address(earthly), it's Raequel Solomon / Aaron Goldmann, 402 W. Airy St. Apt. 5, Norristown,PA 19401-4602.

      e-mails: -Raequel - - Banshee(aaron) - - both of us...... hope to see ya on-line soon!

    • Rogue Angel, aka Terminal (but different from Rogue Agent), updates us with this news: "I went to college as a theatre major, then switched from acting to playwright and then decided I'm not cut out to be a full time student and am now working at Duke University Medical Center. I don't chat much anymore. My homepage is at SoHo/Lofts/1694, but it hasn't changed much since I was chatting." You can email the Rogue at

    • The latest news from Saturn..."Since SoHo's destruction, I've given up chat rooms. I still keep contact with a few, very few, SoHo people on ICQ. My ICQ # is 3215423, which you definitely may post for others to find. I've gone to using my birth name for just about everything now - Arlissa. Recent news - I graduated high skool!! And now, I'll be off to college on August 12th. I'll be attending East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. I'll be busy, but I'll still have time for ICQ. Well, that's about it for now. I'm so glad e. magill is having another SoHo reunion, I missed last years." You can email Saturn at

    • Sheila says, "Jack(NC) and sheila are alive and well, living together in NC and are engaged to be married. No date set as of yet, will keep you posted.

      "We often talk to Knigh(NC).

      "You can email us at either one of our addresses:, and" Like many SoHo chatters, she asked if we've heard from Beauregard/Juno yet. (Answ: Not yet, still looking!)

    • Our never-meek Sister Amber Lynne has a funny, outspoken, highly-opinionated website and is still actively online, despite being badly treated by a certain chatter. *sigh* Our dear Sister is clearly able to leap those tall buildings (and small toads) in a single bound, so you can find her at Yahoo as amberlynne91 or on ICQ (7406661). This dear sister is now living in Houston with a college roomie and their lovely dog, Miya. She's at a new marketing job now, too. Congrats, amberlynne! Oh yes, she's eager to receive email from friends, too.

      steppenwolf updates us with an ICQ# 972577, with more news to follow, soon!

      Sunedeisis Spellsinger said in Nov 2000: "I was also Green-Eyed Girl and SongMage. I am currently enoying an tereting turn of life in the miserably Suny state of Florida. (Who ever heard of 85 degree weather in November???) I would love to hear from some of my old friends, so email me at Please?"

    • We've heard from T,D,&H, who says, "In England - moving to London in 6 weeks. I haven't chatted since I left University in 1997. My main website is a wrestling one *lol* at I have recently got my dream job and will be working on the website and PR side of things for a WWF (wrestling *g*) associated video company in the UK!! i bet no one even remembers me *lol*"

    • Sys Tris/Syster Tristessa, aka Raequel, is different from Trystessa below. She still has email at

      Here's her latest news: "well there like is SO no homepage....i havent a net-bound computer. well lots of things have 1996 i was a 19 year old internet addict wasting my life and money at a community college where i didnt attend the classes i paid if you ever wondered why i was in the room so long...well that's why.... but since then my life has turned up and downs........ in 1997 i became a christian...then the church i went to became a soap opera by 1998 and i finally left.....and became part of the Philadelphia Goth scene (what?!..yep!)i decided to hang up the flannel for good and put on a dress and tons of eyeliner(!)then i fell into some horrid sordid drama of my own...until i met the love of my life.....a year later we are happily living together in a cute apartment in Norristown, my hometown about a half-hour from Philly....i have a cubicle warrior white collar job at an insurance company(yes! its true)....someother amazing things...i finally met the smashing pumpkins at tower records in philly for a autograph session...i stood in line for like 5 hours and gave billy corgan a birthday card and he gave me a kiss....*blush*....would you believe that????? oh yeah and my boyfriend and i will be married June 12 2002.....that will be three years the night we met.....gosh there's so much i could tell you all....oh yeah shouts out to Werner,Sugarst!ar,dragon-rose,mysti-cross(who i still e-mailed up to '99),Momo(sorry that things just didnt work out),Beauregard,Baskerville,and of course aisling......loves ya lots"

    • SunKing sent me a note recommending ChatNetworks, a chat site clearly modeling itself after the "old" GC chat scene.

    • Trystessa/sullengirl/etc.etc.etc... *chuckle*, aka Charlie (photographer Charlene Wright), has a magnificent, amazing, thoughtful website at her pages. RUN, do not walk, to see her photos, a visual journal (I love the pepper..."treated to reduce bacteria"? I never really read one of those packages before!), and... well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so just go see her website! Her current email is, too. (She's been really helpful providing info about several SoHo Loft chatters, who are now "found" thanks to her help!)

    • Tymetwister, aka Chris, can be reached at; the old website remains at SoHo/Lofts/6730.

    • Vicki [aka :sexy vicki] says: 'well, I'm not surprised MY name wasn't on the list...I spent most of my soho time in "private" chats with our very own angel of mercy aka rogueangel/terminal writer.But yes I was a reg in soho during the 96-97 rise and fall...introed of course by the incomprable frogurt.and for those of you who are wondering about flying squirrelguess what? I went to school with fact sat next to him on the school bus for years, and don't worry he's doing just fine. as for myself I dissappeared for a while due to some personal problems but have been back in action on the web for quite a while now and am rebuilding my icq list so if you get a message saying "user vicki has added you to his/her list" don't fret ! just sweet little ol' me.....I bet I recognize a lot of names that wouldn't recognize me like joe/f and tristessa.if you want to contact me my aim is angelvigil and my icq # is 6104407.I'd love to hear from people :0)'

      Later, she wrote again, adding, "I forgot to mention a few things, like that I'll be starting college in the spring at kean university as a theater major andI'm in california right now, also my webpage is I don't get much of a chance to update work work....but I'm working on getting some pictures up and I have a few if anyone's interested they can contact me. Here are some: http://www.geocities,com/akaelmodragon/joeprom2.jpg or akaelmodragon/xmas.jpg or akaelmodragon/sara.jpg

      If you know anything about a current soho please let me know and wrete to thanks :0)

    • Wizzzzard cruised by for a moment, to let us know that his webpages are at SoHo/Studios/4933, and at Cooool! *grin*

    • The Wulff has been in touch, and says, "The simple fact of the matter is The-Wulff got back together with the girl that broke his heart pulled his life together and never jumped back online untill she ripped out his heart in August of 98...... so now I'm back online and I'm going to be staying in Buffalo for awhile...... I chat in geo still in the Paris cafe. My user name has only slightly changed, it is now the_wulff look me up if you still chat geo. If you use MS Messenger, my Hotmail addy is" He adds these names to the "Missing" list: Winterfire, lace, and Kadallak.

    • Morning chatter Zelda, aka Dawn, has a new email at, and she doesn't chat much right now, but she's eager to hear what everyone else from the Loft is doing.

    • Zyta is working in Orlando, Florida, at Universal Studios Theme Parks. She's living with a wonderful guy named Mike, and she's even driving a car now. No website at the moment, but there will be one in the future, featuring her artwork. Ask Aisling (her mom) for info, if you're looking for Zyta. (Use Aisling's contact form.)

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