Altercrash is my personal favorite character. In a Heroes Unlimited sense, he has the highest number of attacks per melee I've seen (10) and is strong to back up the constant barrage.

Note: The image pictured is a variant of the cover of Backlash #9. All characters pictured are copyright 1997 Wildstorm comics.

I just wanted to give you a basic idea of the look of Altercrash, and the guy behind the lady is a good representation of Altercrash's appearance and size until I can draw a picture of him.


1. I.Q.-15 M.E.-10 M.A.-10 P.S.-33 P.P-16 P.E.-25 P.B.-10 Spd.N/A (up to 540 m.p.h.)


Class: Alien/Experiment
Side Effect
:Increased Mass
Experience Level:4th
Insanity: Frenzy by Intense Frustration
Alignment: Unprincipled
Super Abilities:
Major: Sonic Speed
Altercrash can only run up to 540 m.p.h., because his increased mass slowed his speed by 25%.

Minor: Extraordinary Strength; can lift up to 6600lbs. and carry 3300.
Radar- Range:800ft., Interpreting Shape: 74% Estimate Speed, Direction, and Distance: 84/64/84%, Sense Exact Location: 56%,

Skills: TV/Video: 70%, Radio Basic: 80%, Biology: 70%, Chemistry: 80%, Chemistry Analytical: 75%, Criminal Science: 65%, Paramedic: 83%, Computer Operation: 90%, Read Sensory Instruments: 70%, H. M.A., Prowl: 70%, Escape Artist: 50%, Body Building, Cook: 62%, W.P. Pistol, Navigation: 75%, Athletics, English: 90%, Spanish 90%, Japanese 90%, Chinese: 90%, Boxing, Gymnastics, W.P. Submachine Gun,
Gymnastics skills: Sense of Balance: 80%, Climb Rope: 91%, Sense of Balance: 80%, Climbing: 53%, Back Flip: 98% Whew!

Special Weapons: Stun Pistol (-10 s,p,& d), Sub-Machine gun Energy Weapon-4D6,No-Dachi-3D6, .45 Thompson M.I.-4D6

Combat Table: +11 to initiative, +9 to strike, +13 to parry, +15 to dodge, +12 to roll w/ punch, fall, or impact, +5 to save vs. poisons/magic, +20% to save vs. coma/death, Pin/Incapacitate on roll of 18,19,20,

Appearance: A 9'2" 450 lbs. alien. Dressed in Red and Dark Blue Suit, but with no mask. Body Armor may be incorporated into his suit.

Disposition: Altercrash is a huge alien, but he knows what it's like to be outcast, and is kind to everybody in general, especially refugees and people who have been forced to flee from their homes. But the experiment which gave him his powers altered the chemistry of his brain and left him with an inability to control his actions under moments of extreme distress. Under normal circumstances, he is generally easy to get along with, but he is selfish by nature and ruthless in combat, having no real compunctions about killing people in the heat of battle. While he doesn't like to do it, he cannot often control his actions. While he tries to not harm innocents, he doesn't worry himself with hurting "evildoers."