"Forty mile an hour slash to yo' head!!" Hey look! It's a picture I actually drew!

I.Q.- 15 M.E.- 13 M.A.- 14 P.S.-37* P.P.-30* P.E.-30* P.B.-18* Spd.-17*
H.P.-63 S.D.C.-268 A.P.M.'s-7

Alien Education:Science Specialist
Experience Level:5

Super Abilities

Major: Alter Physical Structure: Metal
When turned into a creature of metal, Denostar has an A.R. of 17 and an S.D.C. of 800. Metal heals three times as fast as regular, but speed is reduced by half when transformed. His P.S. is transformed to 47* and is + 32 to damage. He is impervious to radiation, cold, and disruptive touch. Metal form is cool enough to get by heat sensors.

Extraordinary Physical Strength-can lift 7400 when not metal, 9400 when metal
Extraordinary Physical Endurance-bonus to magic, toxins and drugs
Extraordinary Speed- 300 m.p.h. + 20 m.p.h. every level, +4 to damage per 20 m.p.h Best a punch can do from a standstill is 40 m.p.h., adding +8 to damage

Combat Table: +2 initiative, +12 to strike, + 14 to parry, + 14 to dodge, +17 to roll w/ punch, fall, or impact, +8 to save vs. magic, drugs or toxins, +30% to save vs. coma/death 40% to charm/impress

Skills: Electrical Engineering: 70% +5%, Mechanical Engineering: 60% +5%, Navigation: 50% +5%, Cook: 75% +6%, Wilderness Survival: 75% +5%, Astrophysics: 50% +5%, Computer Repair: 60% + 5%, Automobile: 98% +4%, Computer Operation: 85% +5%, Computer Programming: 75% +5%, Optics Systems: 75% +5%, First Aid: 80% +5%, Demolitions Disposal: 45% +3%, Chemistry: 75% +5%, Climbing: 82% +8%, Prowl: 56% +8%, Acrobatics: Sense of Balance: 88% +5%, Walk tightrope or highwire: 75% +5%, Climb Rope: 68% +2%, Backflip: 98% +5%, Gymnastics, Body Building, Boxing: (K.O. on 18, 19, or 20), Athletics, Swimming Advanced: 80% +5%, Sniper: +2 aimed shot, W.P. Sword + 2 strike, W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Targeting, W.P. Auto Pistol, W.P. Fully & Semi-Auto Rifle, Truck: 79% +4%, Helicopter: 82% +4%, Wrestling (pin/incapacitate on 18,19,or 20), Weapons Systems: 64% +2% (+2 strike using weapons systems)

Appearance: A huge mass of muscle. Denostar appears caucasion, with black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a goatee. He usually wears combat gear typical of the armed forces. No need for fancy smancy clothes when your busting heads in.

Alien Backround Information
Denostar came to Earth, the last of a race of beings, because it was "a nice planet." His homeworld was a high radiation planet, making him invulnerable to even the highest levels of radiation. Unfortunately, he also emits small levels of radiation that could potentially make normal humans around him sick. He must wear a specially designed radiation suit woven into his suits of armor to keep the radiation in. In addition, he can also see into the ultraviolet range of light. Denostar has some familiarity with earth; he is able to read, write and speak four earth languages: English, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese at 90%. Denostar currently works for the super-organization SeeinDee, and makes $150,000/yr.

Disposition: Denostar cares little about anything beyond having fun and destroying things in the process. He has no qualms about killing, stealing or destruction, and mostly pursues a good time and gets paid for it.

Behind this facade lies an intelligent character who cares just enough about keeping his fun intact to occasionally produce an accomplished mission every now and then. Still, if it were up to Denostar, it would "rock all night, sleep all day."

Notes: Denostar is a nigh-invulnerable powerhouse. As a GM, I watched my little brother Sam roll up this character. Unfortunately, there are a few discrepencies that you may notice. 1)His P.P. Sam boosted it up, but I limited all strike, parry, and dodge bonuses on account of cheating. Use the table at the bottom or reduce it if you feel it is necessary. 2) The P.S. is correct, 47! Unfortunately, the character also doesn't have many skills, which a good GM would exploit. Denostar is an awesome character, but that doesn't mean he's indestructible. In campaigns, Denostar came close to death twice, so it's not improbable for him to be killed.