Heroes Unlimited™

1. Quotes -sayings from the campaigns we have run.

2. Characters: -below
Note: All artwork in the following pages is Copyright © 1997-98 their respective artists. Just wanted to say that, since I didn't draw any of these, I just wanted to give you a good representation of these characters' appearance.


1. Denostar: Denostar is the strongest character I've ever seen, plain and simple. Even the characters in Villians Unlimited™ don't have the raw physical abilities that Denostar does. With the ability to turn into metal, he is extremely hard to kill, and his humongous P.S. makes him a lethal weapon.

2. Wren: Wren is Denostar's twin brother, and has extremely different powers. He compliments his brother with the ability of Magnetism and Intangibility. He can't be hurt, even if you wanted to. Denostar is the offensive end of the spectrum, Wren is the defensive.

3. Altercrash: Altercrash is a 9'2" super speedster. While Denostar is strength and Wren is defensive, Altercrash is blindingly quick. His strength and speed make him adeadly adversary, and he can't be blinded due to his radar sense.

4. Kia'Skiar: Kia'Skiar is the dame of the group. She is extraordinarily beautiful, (but who in comics isn't?) and she is strong and heals extremely fast. Unfortunately, since she doesn't have one strong characteristic, she often gets in over her head and has to use her brain instead of her brawn.

5. Tyah is the VERY FIRST character that I ever created. You may notice a few mistakes, but I think that makes her a very realistic character. She is a small time information gatherer/assassin if need be, and she could have been really good if I had changed her skills around a little.

These Heroes have been Unlimited times.