Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... Kia' Skiar is the only woman hero in the campaign that I participated in. In my opinion, she's also the best one to play with because she really doesn't have any big huge super powers and whoever uses her must use their Brain (God forbid) to play in character with her.


I.Q.-14 M.E.-23 M.A.-11 P.S.-30 P.P.-20 P.E.22 P.B.-27 Spd.-29
H.P.-40 S.D.C.-119 A.P.M.'s-6

Experience Level
: 4
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Category: Alien
: Combat Specialist

Powers: Extraordinary Mental Endurance, Extraordinary Physical Beauty, Extraordinary Strength, Healing Factor, Energy Expulsion: Energy Field


Advanced Mathematics: 77%, Computer Operation: 75%, Writing: 52%, First Aid: 80%, Land Navigation: 52%, Swimming: 74%, Wilderness Survival: 55%, Automobile: 92%, Prowl: 70%, Escape Artist: 45%,
Gymnastical Skills: Sense of Balance: 80%, Climb Rope: 91%, Climbing: 53%, Back Flip:98% W.P. Heavy, W.P. Sword, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Semi and Fully Auto Rifle

Combat Table: +9 to parry, +9 to dodge, +4 to strike, +15 to damage, +13 to roll w/punch,fall or impact, +7 to save vs. Magic/Toxins, +32% save vs. coma/death, +7 to save vs. Psionics

Weapons: Plasma Ejector-6D6+20, .45 Thompson M.I.-4D6, silver Manriki-Gusari- 3D6, 2 knives-1D6, Two pistols-2D6, .66mm Heavy Machine Gun-5D6

Appearance: A stunningly beautiful young woman with green eyes, light brown hair and pale complexion. She usually wears a combat suit and no mask with her plasma ejector strapped across her back.

Disposition: Kia'Skiar is beautiful, strong and deadly, but it's not her abilities that set her apart from the rest. It's her mind that keeps her alive. She knows when not to battle, and how to keep casualties to a minimum. She is working as a runway model small time, but most of the time she works as a freelance agent for the SeeinDee agency.

She has a kind and caring personality for the weak and helpless, but is very straightforward about ending the terror of anyone who preys on these people. In battle, she prefers to end the battles as quickly as possible to keep civilian casualties to a minimum. In other words, she is the prototypical comic book heroine.

Her origins cannot be traced past the point when she appeared on Earth seven years ago. She knows instictively that she was sent to Earth to help bring it past the millineum, and into a new age of prosperity. She is very evident about that fact, even though she herself does not remember much about her home planet.