In any good campaign, there comes a lot of really good quotes as players try to make the experience as memorable as possible. These are the funniest and most memorable quotes from our own little section of the Heroes Unlimited Universe.

1. "*Yawn* Forty mile an hour slash to yo' head. Again."- Denostar.

2. "Hey, can I help it I was surrounded by vampires and didn't have any choice that I went berserk and chopped them all into little pieces?" -Altercrash

3. "Okay, so I'm gonna use my intangibility to turn the freighter, and the ocean, and the entire world intangible." - Wren, trying to explain that anything he touches (wrongly) turns intangible.

4. "Ahuh okayah! No Morah Deeldo!"-700 Year old chi spirit Chiatan Shadawoo, about constantly being encased in earth by rival Trimmer.

5. "Well, okay, so we'll split up into two groups. Wren, Denostar, you come with me. Turtles, you go that way. And Trimmer, you just stay here, cause your butt ugly." - Altercrash, leading the team and splitting up into groups.

6. "Okay, you jump on the balcony, and turn to 800 lbs. of pure metal, and you land on this fat lady who is moshing on the stage, she screams and then politely vomits all over you..." -Jeff as GM, when Denostar was moshing in a club.

7. "You must obey the L.A.W.!!" - Rapid Fire, brandishing his Light Antitank Weapon.

8. "Oh yeah! Extra Ammo stored! In da butt !! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!!

9. "No, you cannot go out with me, Denostar, even if I think you are cute." - Kia' Skiar to Denostar about going out on a date.

10. "Dangit Wren! You're impossible to kill!" - Chris as GM, trying to kill Wren.

11. "Ching! It bounces off. *yawn*" -Denostar

12. "I have courage!" -some lady villian during the LSE school adventure.

13. "Hey, how was I supposed to know throwing that table leg at that interdimensional entity would cause it to explode and destroy your house?" - Altercrash, after he threw a table leg at an energy being, causing it to ground itself and blow up the entire block.

14. "Yeah, that's why they call me Colossus" - Denostar, after the explosion that blew up his house threw him five miles away and knocked him out, burning off all his clothes. He walked back home buck naked proud as a jaybird.

15. "I'm telling you, there's something behind this keyboard!" -Rapid Fire, when he was told that a chalkboard had a random crack in it.

16. "That little kid was a demon or something! So I killed him." -Imperium, slamming a kid into the ground after seeing him repeatedly and freaking out.

17. "Where was I? Where else? Burnin down the Casey's again." -Denostar, after he burnt down the Casey's for the third time.

18. "What's with the 9-foot freak?" -Someone talking about Altercrash.

19. "I can see your pee-pee and your pink boxer shorts!! Hee hee hee!" -Annoyance, a villian with X-ray vision.

20. "Oh, great, more ninjas. Let's ring up the death toll some more..." -Altercrash

21. "Just kill him and leave him behind..." - Denostar, fed up with always having 700 year old Chi Spirit Chiatan Shadawoo question his motives.

22. "Raaah!!! How you like your car now?!!" Imperium after throwing a villian's VW bug 100 feet in the air and having it land on himself and smashing it into little pieces.

23. "Punt! 45 yards!" - Altercrash, after kicking a vampire that had transformed into a little dog down several city blocks.

24. "Hey, they were trying to kill me, they deserved it!" Denostar, after destroying a nuclear power plant and irradiating half of Korea.

25. "But you have to go out with me! You said I was cute!" Denostar, after begging Kia' Skiar for a date.

26. "Hey cool! Look at all this stuff." Denostar and Wren, after raiding their dead teammates supply van. What good team members.

27. "Man, that was a dumb idea to jump off the Arch." -Denostar, after doing just that and surviving.

28. "Wren! Wren da bird man! Off Pirates of Dark Water!" -The famous Wren taunt.