Ahh...my first character...

I.Q.-9 M.E.-13 M.A.-9 P.S.-16 P.P-31 P.E.-12 P.B.-19 Spd.-19
H.P.-14 S.D.C.-47 A.P.M.'s-5

Category: Mutant
Unusual Physical Trait: Yellow Eyes
Experience Level: 1
Alignment: Unprincipled


Computer Operation: 80%, Computer Programming: 65%, W.P.'s: Staff, Paired, Target, H.to H. Expert, Acrobatics: Sense of Balance: 80%, Walk Tightrope: 80%, Climb Rope: 98%, Back Flip: 90%, Prowl: 70%, Climbing: 90%, Athletics, Basic Mechanics: 40%, First Aid: 50%, Body Building, Art: 40%, Japanese: 55%, Basic Electronics: 40%, Escape Artist: 30%, Sing: 40%, Swimming: 50%,

Powers: Major: Chameleon Minor: Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Mental Stun

Weapons: Short Sword-2D6, Yari:2D6, Bow and Arrows: 1D8

Combat Table: +8 to roll w/ punch, fall or impact, +9 to parry, +9 to dodge, +9 to strike, 45% charm/impress,

Disposition: Tyah is a secretive spy for hire. (Original, huh?) She makes a nice living stealing high profile information for whoever wants it. She conceals her yellow eyes by using contacts.