Wren is my friend Danny's character, and was made in much the same vein as Denostar. He's the same type of fun-loving kill-everything character and as a character he is extremely hard to inflict damage upon. Frustrating for a game master, but a lot of fun for anyone who plays with him.


1. I.Q.-13 M.E.-12 M.A.-16 P.S.-22 P.P-12 P.E.-13 P.B.-18 Spd.17


Class: Alien
Experience Level:5th
Alignment: Anarchist

Super Abilities:
Major (2): Magnetism
Attract Metal: 3080 lbs., 160 ft.; Hurl Object: 400 lbs. max, 200 ft.; Magnetic Field, Magnetize Object, Sense Iron,

Skills: Comp. Oper: 98%, Computer Programming: 80%, Auto Mechanics: 82%, Locksmith: 65%, Surveillance Systems: 80%, Robot Electronics: 70%, Analytical Chemistry: 85%, Advanced Math:98%, Prowl:98%, H-to-H. Expert, Pick Locks: 75%, Land Navigation: 85%, Wilderness Survival: 65%, W.P.: Heavy, Target, Sword, English, Japanese,French, Spanish, German, Chinese all 98%, Pilot: Auto:98%, Acrobatics: sense of balance:85%, tightrope:85%, climb rope:90%, climbing:70%, backflip:85%, Gymanastics, Boxing, Sniper

Special Weapons/Equipment: Laser Rifle-6D6, 6 throwing knives 1D6, Ninja clothing and emergency kit, Walther Sniping Rifle: 5D6, 2 katanas 3D6, 5 shuriken 1D4, .45 colt 4D6, SPAF shotgun 5D6

Combat Table: , +8 to strike, +8 to parry, +8 to dodge, +8 to roll w/ punch, fall, or impact, +8 to damage, Pin/Incapacitate on roll of 18,19,20,

Appearance: Wears a military style uniform, but physically looks like Denostar, except not quite as massive. Body Armor may be incorporated into his suit.

Disposition: Wren is Denostars twin in more than appearance. They also share the same "wild man" outlook on life, and take risks whenever they can. Wren is cocky and brash simply because he feels his powers pretty much make him invincible and unable to be hurt. For the most part he is right, but because he really can't rely on brute strength to get by, Wren is also the more clever of the brothers, using his mind to think about how he wields his powers. In many ways, this makes him more deadly than his brother.