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The terms for using my graphics are not negotiable. The use of my graphics on a website indicates that you have read and agreed to all the terms listed below. Please respect the time and effort that I have spent on these sets by reading and abiding by all of the following:

1.  The graphics on this site are linkware, meaning that they may be used for free on personal, non-commercial, non-profit pages that are created by the owner of the site, providing that you give me credit (including a link to this site, the URL is or for the graphics on every page that they are used on.   A link somewhere on a credit page is not acceptable.   You may use the image below, a matching graphics button or a simple text. 

2.  Sites using my graphics must be suitable for viewing by all ages.  Please refrain from using my graphics on pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse, pornography and/or illegal activities.  If for any reason I request that any of my graphics be removed from your site, you will be given 48 hours to comply.  Violations of any of my terms of use could subject you to this request.

3.  My graphics are not free to use on any commercial or for-profit sites.  This means any site that you may make money from or which you advertise or promote something that you may make money from.   This includes animal breeders and kennel sites.  Commercial and for-profit sites are required to pay a small, one-time fee for each set used on their site.  Web site designers or people who make web pages for others may not use these sets for free, you must purchase a license before you use my graphics.  Please refer to my Pricing Guide Page.

4.  If you have a commercial or for-profit site or a website designer (anyone who makes websites for others) and wish to  purchase a commercial license for limited or exclusive use of my graphics,  please refer to my Pricing Guide Page.  My sets may also be  purchased for exclusive use on personal pages and I make custom, made-to-order graphic sets.  Sets which use copyrighted images by other artists are not for sale.

5.  When using these sets, please don't link to this server.  If you don't know why, it's called stealing band-width.  Please  read this.   Another reason not to link to the graphics at this site is that I change graphics frequently.  You may get up one morning to find that you have an entire site of broken images.  To save to your disk or hard drive, position your cursor over the graphic you wish to save, right-click on your mouse and choose "save this image as" from the pop-up menu.  Click on "save" or "ok" to save the image to your hard drive.  Remember to write down which file you saved the image in. 

6.  The graphics at this site may not be altered in any way, except to add your own text to the blank buttons.  These graphics may not be redistributed in any way or included in any collections, archives or CD's, on or off the web.  Use of these sets by web site designers or people who make web sites for others constitutes illegal redistribution, unless you have purchased a license from me in advance of using them.  You may not, under any circumstances, claim any graphics at this site as your own creations. 

7.  If you use any of my graphics, please send me an e-mail informing me, including the URL that they are used at.  The purpose in this is two-fold.  First, I just enjoy looking at new sites and second, I'll add a link to your page from mine unless you ask me not to.  **NOTE** As of September 1,2001 I am no longer adding links to individual pages, I've run out of room!  But I still like to look at new sites <G>.

8. The graphic set used on this site is for my personal use only and may not be copied for any other use.

9.  If you have a question regarding my graphics or fonts used, please refer to my FAQ's page before e-mailing me.  I do not respond to e-mails dealing with questions that have already been answered there.

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Graphics by Shawna

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