Everyone who attended the Tampa 2000 Wrevel, Saturday, July 22nd, came from different parts of Florida to meet in Arleen's home for a potluck. Saturday night saw a rowdy group at AJ's Catfish for dinner, where the waiter seemed to know that the corner was the best place to put us. Alma and Deck stayed overnight and were treated Sunday to a tour of Tampa's finer, older homes, Tampa University, and the Museum of Science and Industry's IMAX theatre by our local tourguide, Rick O'Keefe.


Hangin' together at AJ's, enjoying each other's company!

"You've never seen an Irish jig? Here, we'll show you."

"Whoa, Rick! Watch out for my Pontiff's hat!"

Group shot identities from left to right starting with front row:
Deck Deckert, Alma Hromic-Deckert, Eliska Adema, Arleen Janz, Pat Marcello, Rick O'Keefe

"Ohhh, baby, rub me some more..."

"Dang, I wish I had that T-shirt!"


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