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US Newspapers

USA Today
Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space
Business Week
E&P Directory of Online Newspapers
Money & Investing Update
Online Newspapers - 1400 listings
BYTE Magazine
HotWired Network
Welcome to
The New York Times on the Web


The Economist
Captain Internet
Virtual Jerusalem -- The Jerusalem Report
Globes - Currency Rates
CNN - Weather Forecast
Jerusalem Post
News from IOL
Galei Zahal - âìé öä"ì
Haaretz Daily Newspaper - English Internet Edition
Haaretz (in Hebrew)
Il quotidiano L'Unione Sarda - Home Page
Howard College Library Newspaper Article Search Tools
The Times Internet Edition
Virtual Jerusalem -- The Jerusalem Report
Current Dry Bones
The Global Newsstand
World Newspapers
NewsDirectory: Newspapers and Media
MetaGrid: Newspapers & Magazines
Maps in the News
News Headlines From 1stHeadlines
NewsScan Home Page
éåí éåí - îâæéï äàéðèøðè äéåîé
Newsroom Home Page
Factiva - Home
Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive - The type of knowledge that really is power.
Business and financial information including a stock quotes section, headline news, and a business finder that allows a user to locate basic contact information for business in Canada, the UK, and other

countries around the world.
Israel News



Alta Vista
Easy Searcher 2 - Links to over 300 search engines
Northern Light Search
Go2Net Personal
MetaCrawler Search
Internet Resources Meta-Index
Ask Jeeves
Deja News
Debriefing meta search engine: fast and accurate!
KidsClick! Web Search
ProFusion (tm)
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
LookSmart - exploring World - TWELVE SEARCH ENGINES IN ONE
Direct Hit
FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time - 37 SEARCH ENGINES !
Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines - A Literary Search Engine Search Platform
Surf Searcher Pro - Fast, comprehensive and 100% FREE!
The Electric Monk
Datagold Limited - a leading information services company and home of the Datagold UK Search Engine
Snap HOME - The Web Search Alliance Directory
Search Engine Colossus
meta-index of

search engines broken out by country
SURF The search engine of search engines.
a collection of search forms, search engine listings, and "shortcut pages" to things like auctions, US news, stock quotes, local

information, etc.
The InvisibleWeb
The InvisibleWeb consists of searchable information resources whose contents cannot be indexed by traditional search engines. These include databases, archived material, and interactive tools such as calculators and dictionaries.
The - Home Page
Ixquick Metasearch

Phone numbers and e-mails

WhoWhere? Email Addresses
GTE SuperPages®: Interactive Yellow Pages
locate phones, e-mails
World Wide Yellow Pages
ùøåúé 144 ùì áæ÷
International Telephone Directories
Yell -UK yellow pages
Yellow Pages-home
Welcome to BT PhoneNetUK

Search - Books and Texts and Lyrics
Faulkner Glossary
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics!
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Bible (Seven Languages, Various Versions)
The Electric Library
Barnes and Noble
Banned Books On-line
Efficacious Index
Books On-Line: AUTHORS
Books On-line: Complete List by
Shakespeare Homepage
Fantastic Literature Library
BookWire - Book Information
Library of Congress
Grant & Cutler
Project Gutenberg Works by Author / Editor
HotWired: The Rough Guide
The LOGOS Collection of Electronic
University of Washington Book Store
W. W. Norton & Co.
The Virtual Library: Museums
The Collected Works of Shakespeare
Bible Browser Basic Home Page
Proteus Word Search
IPL William Shakespeare's Complete Works
The Collected Works of Shakespeare
Greek Mythology Link, Home Page.
Words coined by Shakespeare
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
ConnecText Catalog: A Registry for Online Textbooks
Books On-line, Listed by Title
netLibrary - Main Library
The Aria Database - home page
Aphorisms Galore!
Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (American Memory, Library of Congress)
Film Unlimited
Awesome Authors on the Web
BookSpot- Electronic Books
Books On-Line: foreign languages
AddALL book search and price comparison
Acses, the Ultimate Comparison Shopping Engine - Compare prices from online shops!
Online Bookstore Price Compare or Search: enter ISBN and either compare prices at many online bookstores or retrieve that book from a specific bookstore. Search for Out of Print and Used Books
lyrics search - Search Central
McCain Library at Erskine College & Seminary - Catalog
Lyric Splash
The Catalog of UNCATaloged Titles is a service that helps you locate information not usually cataloged in bibliographic sources.
Online Bible; Welcome!
Bible Search - Hebrew
TPCN - Quotation Center - Over 13,000 Great Quotations (Quotes) To Inspire And Empower You!


Israel's Yellow Pages
Dapey Reshet
Achla - àçìä
iGuide - Israeli Internet Guide
TAPUZ úôåæ - àéðã÷ñ äàúøéí äòáøééí
ëåìðå ëàçã
Nana by Netvision
GoGo - âåâå
Zap search - æàô
A is always the first. start page for search engines in israel.
Sababa - main page
Welcome To T@G

Search - Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Microsoft® Clip Gallery Live
Mark Harden's Artchive: "Artchive"
Gallery of artists - Picasso , Dali , Warhol , Lichtenstein , Renoir , Kandinsky , Miro , Rembrandt , Newton , Bosch , Spitzweg , Gauguin , Monet , Matisse , Arcimboldo
Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
ArtLinks - art,artist,artists,drawings,paint,paintings,link,links,site,sites
World Wide Arts Resources - The Definitive Arts and Culture Information Gateway


The Internet Movie Database. A database of more than 180,000 titles
All-Movie Guide
Film Unlimited
MOVIES; On the Net- 2000 movies, film, cinema sites ,links and pageslMovies & Cinema: On the Net; movies, films, cinema sites 1200+
Liszt, the mailing list directory
Access Business Online BizWiz Web
Carfax Publishing Ltd - International Periodical Publishers - worldwide index of place names
Wistorm! - Guide to guides on the web
The Free Homepage Guide
Today-in-History-Historic Events & Birthdates that occurred on a SELECTED day of the year
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Biography - Export and international business info
NetPartners Internet Solutions - Company Locator
e-zine-list: John Labovitz's e-zine-list - Online Genealogy
Idealist Home - Search. Select. Subscribe.
lib-web-cats - Powerize your search for the right information Search Engine
Britannica's Lives: Born on May 14
Family Tree Maker Online -- Welcome to - The Totally Trivia Search Engine
Catalogs and Online Shopping at Catalog City
BUBL LINK: Music Search
Funders Online - Search Europe's Online Philanthropic Community
PhilanthropySearch - the #1 nonprofit and philanthropic search engine. The gateway to the online world of philanthropy, charity, and the nonprofit sector: fundraising, nonprofit management, volunteer, foundations, grants, 501c(3), nonprofit, charity, giving, 501c3, foundations, donations, nonprofit management, and non-profit consultants.
HEIR - the Higher Education Institution Directory
MetaGrid: Newspapers & Magazines
Search, Stalk and Surveil the Net
Political Information (.com) -- A Search Engine for Politics and Policy
Knowledge Hound - "How-to" guides for just about anything!
Flag Identifier
InfoJump : Publication Title Search and Browse
A collection of periodicals and periodical articles. They claim to have over 5,000,000 articles indexed. Their directory of publications is broken down by categories and you can search the entire database of articles or within particular categories.
The Firm List: Guide to Design Firms for the Web
TheWebCowboy: Internet Technology in One Page
Hick's WebSearch, the home of the Free Internet Keyword
LLRX Research Guide - By Andrew Zimmerman | the world's premier Web portal for all things association-related!
Official City Sites - Main Index
Welcome to - over one million lawyers and information about the law.
QAZ - Quick Access Quide
Have you ever lost instructions?

Your are not alone! Millions of people each day lose instructions on common
products such as snowblowers, video cameras, and heavy machinery that cost millions of dollars! The Lost Instruction Manuals Database provides you with an extensive resource to find manuals or instruction books for products that you have purchased. - Everything Art
Sookoo - The Business Strategy Search Specialist
All-in-One Biblical Resources Search
Company Sleuth: Homepage
Commercial Archive - Television at Its Finest
Citations du
21 001 quotes in French. Search by author or key word.

Search - Gov't


Library of Congress
The Dept. of the Treasury
The United States Government Manual
The White House
CIA World Factbook 1998
National Archives and Records Administration
Congressional Biographical Directory
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
The Avalon Project : Major Document Collections
US State Department - Services - FY 1999 Country Commercial Guides Index
Military Information Resources and Periodicals
Governments on the WWW: United States of America
Central Intelligence Agency
The Freedom of Information Center at the University of Missouri
DoD Almanac 1999
Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress / Federal Research Division) - States and Capitals
American FactFinder


Consolidated texts[EN]: Home page
Contents: Documentation and Studies
EU documents On The Record - Official Documents from the Union
EU-Residence permit with Property purchase
Euro Info on the Internet
Europa Homepage
European Union Web Sites and Services
European Governments on the WWW
Governments on the WWW: European Union
EU Search Engine
EUR-Lex Search
Roger's quick EuroFAQ
SCADplus Database
European Union Internet Resources
Citizens First Splash Page
All about moving and doing business between the different countries in the EU)
Eurolandia: An interactive journey to discover the euro


Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics
Peace Now
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Home
CNN In-Depth Specials - Israel Elections 1999
Israel Ministry of Communication


British Standards Institution
UK Central Government Links
Foreign Government Resources on the Web
World Constitutions & International Treaties
UIA - Encyclopedia of World Problems & Human Potential

Search - Links Pages

reference research homework news- My Virtual Reference Desk - encyclopedia - health - windows - facts -
RiceInfo: Internet Navigation Tools
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
Internet Search-netscape center
Beaucoup Search Engines -- Main Menu
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
Beyond General Web Searching: Advanced approaches to finding information on the Web
Direct Search-Search Tools and Directories
The Index of Indices
Search Tools - a guide
CEO Express: Executive Gateway to the Internet
CyberTimes Navigator
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Search Engines Worldwide - a brief explanation
A collection of (mainly) special search engines
Resources for Working Journalists
LibrarySpot - The best libraries, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps and more in one Spot.
Ready Reference List - Lakewood Public Library
PINAKES, A Subject Launchpad
Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder
American Studies Web
The Study Page - Get Smart. Have Fun.
B&H Photo Links
Worldwide Web Search Engines (updated 9/14/99)
The English Server
Research Institute for the Humanities - Philosophy
iTools! - Internet Tools
ñðåðéú - ìòåó øçå÷ éåúø îäãîéåï
IPL Ready Reference Collection
NetSERF: Unsorted Bookmarks


a complete solution for managing your

Communications. Anywhere in the world. JFAX.COM Unified Messaging brings all of your voice messages, faxes and email to a single place - your email inbox. Service by Home Page - Sign Up Now! It's FREE! lets you receive all your faxes at your existing email address!
Web-Counter Creation Page
This page helps you create a free counter for your web site.
Virtual Florist
What's a Virtual Flower Bouquet? It's a floral image e-mail that's easy, fun and

totally FREE!
Net-Sal Shopping Center - E-Kissing Booth
Cyrano-compose love letters
Fax Hozer - Fax Free
Yellow Pages-Free fax service
ðè÷åôåï - àúø ä÷åôåðéí äîåáéì áéùøàì
My Docs Online! - Easy Access to Your Stuff
a free service that allows you to store and

access your documents on the Web.
Daily Almanacs - The Original Web Based Almanac! Always Year '00 Compliant!
Scroll down to select the month you want; then click the day. You'll find an extensive listing of birthdays, events, and holidays and feasts. You can even check to see when holidays such as Passover and

Easter will occur on a particular day of the year. - Terms for opening a new account
Free GuestBook Service -
NedStat Basic Free Graphics, free stuff, freeware, icons, backgrounds, patterns, buttons
webGFX Rendermachine - Free Online Graphics Generator
The Answering Machine
Here you will find the largest collection of answering machine messages available anywhere - all free to download and use!
International Holidays - The Computer Help Portal
3,012 free email domains to choose from

provided by over 290 companies
computer/tech help and information
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
The Learning Center
The Learning Center is the place for FREE online courses in the basics (and beyond!) of networking. Get any files via email and don't waste the time!
Websplit Homepage | Home Page - Online mortgage math loan finance scientific health & sports calculators


Measurement Units Translation
Classic 164 Currency Converter
Metric to Customary or Standard Conversion Program
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line'
cooking conversion
Measure 4 Measure: Sites That Do the Work For You
Calendar Conversions
Unit Conversion
Historical Currency Table
The World Clock
Convert It! - Micro Images math conversion tables.


Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Bowcreek Postcards
The Electric Postcard


Hebrew software

Hebrew Software
Hebrew Language Software and Hebrew Language Products


ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio - 800 Animated GIFs
Web Clip Art - Home Page - Home Page
Animation Factory - Free animated gifs, clip art, and graphics

Download sites

ZDNet Software Library - Search Results
download games now - main page
Heikki's Free Stuff!
Links to Free Downloads
Moon Software - home of Multimedia Xplorer, Targets, Backup Magic and other fine shareware/freeware
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial Demos
Links to Free Downloads - Home
F R E E T H E M E S . C O M
Funny Fantasy
PageWorks Homeland
RealPlayer Home Page
Back Orifice Detection & Removal
EliaShim, Intelligent Computer Security and Anti-Virus
WebBudget text counting software for estimating and invoicing translation of HTML documents.
SARC - Virus Hoaxes
Symantec's United States Homepage
Hard Disk Management
Windows 95 File Viewers
GeoCities Membership Application
Data Fellows-F-prot
Windows95 Annoyances
Dummies Daily: Sign Up
Welcome to TipWorld
CAT systems
Teleport Pro
education > Languages
Translation Tools
Word Info: Tips and Techniques
Annoyance Update
Jumbo! Utilities
GetRight.Com and HeadLight Software
WIZ- hebrew help
WordTips E-Mail Newsletter
Mailing List Etiquette FAQ
Alexa Internet
Microsoft TechNet - Office Technology Center
Lingualizer tools page
Tomb Raider Walkthrough - Game Revolution
Gen-i Creative Website Generator
GIF Construction Set Demonstration Page
Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing
Indexpage for Hagsten & Co
Cookie Central
Gooey is a revolutionary tool that allows people who are simultaneously browsing the same Web site to communicate with each other.
The Internet TOURBUS
Interface Hall of Shame
Welcome to the Year 2000 Portal Page
Dancing Mouse Studios -- Backgrounds, Buttons, and Other Web Graphics
Create Your Own Web Site
Database Tutorials, Tips, Software, and More! - Database Central
Obsolete Computer Museum
LangaList 27-Jan-00
The DLL Archive
Herd Software Development home page



Scott Sadowsky | The Spanish - English Translation Site ... Online Glossaries: Index
OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster
Fast Dictionary Search Utility
Terminology Collection - Frames
Terminology Collection: Online Dictionaries
A Web of On-line Dictionaries
Some of the Coolest Sites
Dictionnaires électroniques monolingues
diccionarios dictionaries
Glossaries and Dictionaries by Encyberpedia
The Info Service
The Translator's Home Companion
Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias
MABERCOM Index of Glossaries in the fields of finance, business and economics - A to C
Proteus Word Search
Useful Tools for Civil Engineers - CE Page 8(9)
Bucknell's On-line Dictionaries
Online scientific and medical dictionaries


Library: Multilingual Dictionaries
Latin-English Dictionary


Hebrew basketball dictionary
ìâòú áùîéí - ùàìåú åúùåáåú
Tambour - Paint School
áøåëéí äáàéí ìô.÷.ï
Nasham Dictionary Index
îéìåï îåðçéí
Bituach leumi
pc club - pcclub
Ethics Glossary
Computer terminology
Business Portal
àúø äáéú ùì àëåú äñáéáä
My Hebrew Dictionary

Guía Internet de los Vinos de España
List and Glossary of medical terms: Spanish
Religion Glossary Spanish English
Food Glossary - Glosario de comida Spanish English
Del dicho al hecho... - (Index.html)
Geometry dictionary
Cuspide Libros Tecnicos, Cientificos y de Interes General
La BitBlioteca: Contenido sin imágenes
UCM -- Instituto Universitario de Lenguas Modernas y Traductores -- Home page
Diccionario de Regionalismos de la Lengua Española


Italian - English car parts dictionary
English Legal Dictionary Entry Index
"Mama's Glossary!"- cooking
Nautica * Dizionario
Technical: Computers
ATO Italia: Glossario per le reti Inglese-Italiano


Francité FRANCITE.COM, pour trouver tout ce que vous cherchez !!. Outil de recherche francophone. Francité, french search engine.
Index du glossaire
LEXIQUE astrologie
medieval terms-french
English-French Gastronomy Dictionary - Provence-Beyond
Repertoire de la cuisine
oyster farming glossary
chroma - A
Le Jargon Français v. 3.0
Glossaire des instruments traditionnels
Dictionnaire des synonymes
glossaire technique
SNITEM -- Outils / Services - Nomenclature
Lexique Anglais-Français ferroviaire
Atmedica, le rendez-vous des professionnels de la médecine et de la santé
Legifrance, l'essentiel du Droit français


management and technology dictionary
Process Innovation Glossary
AT&T Guide -- Glossary
Telecom Glossary: R
Telecommunications Glossary
Telecommunications Terms (Federal Standard 1037C)
The Telecommunications Library
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms


Insurance Coverage Dictionary
insurance glossaries - long list
Insurance Glossary
Insurance Glossary (Rawstron) - Insurance Glossary


Marketing Terms (Virtual Consultant, Searchable Databases)
Marketing Dictionary, Department of Marketing, Monash University
Marketing (Direct) Glossary
Marketing (also Direct) Glossary
Marketing Manager's Plain English Internet Glossary: A - H
Virtual Consultant: Searchable Databases: Marketing Terms
Marketing Dictionary, Department of Marketing, Monash University

Business & Finance

Office Productivity, Business Glossary (Ericsson Data) - Banking Terminology
Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary
Welcome to TermFinance
Glossaries in the fields of finance, business and economics
business and finance Idea Cafe's "Words You Need to Know"
Business Glossary (Washington Post)
Business Management Terms
Tax Encyclopedia
Business information sources on the internet: index
BUS 1301 Glossaries Business Glossary
securities glossary
10 Finance And Investing Related Glossaries
Financial Encyclopaedia - O
Argentaria - Dictionary Capital
AmosWorld Glossary
InvestorWords investing glossary (Li-) dictionary of investment terms
Untitled Document
Nasdaq Stock Market Glossary - Online Financial Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics

Cellular technology

cell phones abbreviations glossary
cellular phone info search
Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
Ericsson index
3Com Glossary
Cellular Connections Glossary Page
Cable & Wireless Communications: Glossary of Terms
Cellular Warehouse Cordless Glossary
Nokia Glossary
GSM Glossary
PCS Glossary
Cellular One - Reference Center Glossary


Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
jargon, node: Top
The Gift of Gab; Terms They Used
American Slanguages (Foreign SLANGUAGES Too)
The Downstroke. All things funky - afros, jive, pimping...dig?!
Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary
A dictionary of slang - English slang and colloquialisms of the UK
English/Cockney Rhyming Slang
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - ESL : Idioms and Slang Trucker SLANGuage
Netmeg Internet - The Jargon Dictionary
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
The Ultimate Silicon Valley Slang Page - Index
The New Hacker's Dictionary
Hippyland Glossary
Jargon Scout
medspeak - the language of ER
Steve's Silicon Valley Slang
The O'Byrne Files © Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrasebook
The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English
The GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - ESL : Idioms and Slang
Yahoo! Reference>Dictionaries>Slang
Free Agent Jargon
The Sports Cliche List - sports cliches, jargon, and lingo


Cooking Products Glossary
Cook's Thesaurus
Glossary of wine-tasting terminology
A Sushi Glossary
Culinary Dictionaries - Home Cooking Net Links
Pearl's Pantry - Food Lover's Glossary
Gourmet World Glossaries
Food and Cooking Glossary
FlavorWeb : Food, wine, beer, spirits, accessories and recipes
FAQ Cooking
Sourdough Glossary
Japanese cooking: glossary of tools and words - Techniques Glossary: Letter A
The Food Resource - Information on Milk
WYK's Spice Tour
Wine Lovers' Page/Wine Lexicon


Roses and Rose Lovers: The Rosarian
The Garden Gate: Gardener's Guide
Internet Directory for Botany: Gardening
The Rose Garden
GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms
The Rhododendron Page (Glossary)
with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants
Optimara Violet Glossary: E
Bamboo Glossary
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
Growing plants - Glossary
Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Glossary Title Page and Contents
Horticulture Guy: Glossary
Garden Gate: Roots of Botanical Names
Rose Glossary
Glossary of Color & Bedding Plants
FLower Watch Glossary
Wildflower and planting terms glossary by Prairie Frontier
Great Plant Escape Plant Vocabulary
Welcome to the PLANTS National Database
Tropiflora Glossary
ILDIS home page
Internet Directory for Botany - Subject Category List: Main Menu


Selected Internet Resources - Agriculture
Agriculture: A Glossary of Terms, Programs, and Laws
Meditarranean agriculture
Farm Facts - Glossary of Agricultural Terms


Chabad Glossary
Department of Theology On-Line Glossary: Hebrew Bible
Glossary of Kabbalah and Chassidut - Introduction
Apostolic Glossary Of Pentecostal Terms.
Jewish Online glossary


Packaging Glossary
KEY TERMS of The Box and Containers Company
Box Styles
Transit Cases, ATA Cases, Carrying Cases, Terms and Descriptions of The Reusable Case Industry
Reuse of Food Packaging: Issues in Food Safety


Computer Glossary
CAD\CAM\CNC Dictionary
BABEL: Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
Computers and network
Technical: Computers
Roedy Green's Computer Buyer's Glossary
Computer technology - PC Webopaedia home page
Free Online Dictionary of Computing
UGeek Glossary - Main Page
Year 2000 Institute - Glossary of Terms A-D


NetLingo: Browse The Dictionary A-K
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Multilingual Internet Terms
NetGlos Internet Glossary
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Glossary for Internet Cryptography


School Pedagogy Terminology
Higher Education Systems - Glossary


Behring Auto Keys Online Automotive Glossary
CCJ's Glossary of Diesel Engine Terms
Part's List
Automotive Glossary
Glossary of Automotive Terminology,
Volvo Glossary of automotive terms
Mercedes-Benz - Engineering glossary
Automobile Dictionary (Land Rover)
Land Rover Dictionary
British-American Car Terms
AUTOPEDIA - The Automotive Encyclopedia
Dictionary of Automotive Terms Abbreviations
CCJ presents TWNA's Glossary of Truck Terms
Sex Glossary (framed)
Typographic Terms
Timber Glossary
Religious Terms (A-M)
Real Estate Terms
Occupational Safety and Health Glossary
NASA Thesaurus
MICRO SWITCH Sensing and Control Glossary - I - P (Honeywell)
Microelectronics Glossary (Ericsson)
Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Managed Care Glossary (TMA-MSS)
MEL: Dictionaries, Glossaries, & Thesauri
management and technology dictionary
Leasing glossary
Leather furniture glossary leather furniture leather furniture
Language Selection for lists and glossaries
Furniture Glossary/A - B (LazBoy)
EuroSeek (tm) 2.4 - English
Fabrics, Fibers and Textures Glossary
Fish Terminology
Fishing Terms
Douane - Customs Glossary
EC and EU Glossary
Encyberpedia (Glossaries & Dictionaries List)
Energy Glossary
Bradley University: Glossary of Terms
Diadem: Antiques Glossary
Art: Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts
ArchNet: Ceramic Attribute Glossary
Bioenergy Glossary
BizEd Net - Glossary
sexual health encyclopedia
WDVL: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology
traduction translation traduccion francais english deutsch espanol italiano
The Yacht Charter Guide - Glossary
MHN Instrument Encyclopedia
Welcome to PubMed
Radyne ComStream satellite VSAT and multimedia broadcast network systems
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
Contractor Referral and Verification Bureau Glossary of Construction Terms
British Museum Materials Thesaurus
encapsulation glossary
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary
New Words in English -- Intro
Oki Laser Glossary Defines Technology
Faulkner Glossary
Bob Jensen's Technology Glossary
EuroDicAutom WWW Interface - expert
Encyclopedia of the New Economy
USIA - The Language of Trade - Contents
Acronym Finder
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
Encyberpedia(tm) by Bob Kerstein
The Human-Languages Page
1968: Glossary
NetGlos Internet Glossary
Introduction to the Soil Science Glossary
Dictionary of beekeeping terms
WordWeb Pro: Electronic dictionary, thesaurus, etc.
Cliche Finder
Movie Terminology Glossary
MediaINFO Links - Search Page
CJI - Dictionary Page
Proteus Word Search
The Collected Works of Shakespeare
Spanish Translation
Prof. Tetley's Glossary: A-D
Internet Commerce: Glossary of Terms
BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Welcome to Merriam-Webster
Casey's Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru)
Netmeg Internet - The Jargon Dictionary
Glossary: Fabrics, Fibers and Textures
Colour Science Glossary
Catholic Online Saints & Angels
Satellite Glossary:all you need to be knowledgeable of satellite industry!
DSL glossary
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing

high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over
ordinary telephone lines.
Fiber Optic Products Catalog Glossary
Internationalization glossary
RAM glossary
Nasdaq Stock Market Glossary
Communications Library
Communications Glossary
Watershed Management List of Significant Terminology for watershed, hydrology, native american studies, law, forestry, and other such related topics
The Internet Glossary of Pumps
The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
Ballet Dictionary - ABT
Encyclopedia Mythica: folklore, unicorns and other creatures
on-line translation, various languages
Textile Dictionary
LCD Glossary -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
GCMD List of Earth Science Acronyms and Glossaries
Glossary, Conservation Ecology, BIOL 134
Phrase Finder - a phrases thesaurus
A :Glossary - American Plastics Council
agricultural & biological engineering glossary
State of the Forests: Glossary
Trade Union Glossaries
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Biographical Dictionary
InTech Measurement and Control on the Web
power conversion
List of common abbreviations and acronyms in electronics
Giant Glossary of Electronic Terminology
semiconductor Acronyms and Abbreviations
Table of electronics Acronyms
Table of Instrumentation Acronyms
electronics I & C Acronyms
electronic info + Glossary
Test and Evaluation Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions with Personal Computer (PC) Annex
Glossary of Sexuality Terms
Encyclopædia Britannica Online
The Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Glossary for Medieval Art and Architecture
Labor market info - titles and job descriptions
Data Communication glossary
Philips-television/audio/video glossary
PLD Glossary
Programmable Logics Device
The French Revolution -Glossary
V.E.R.A. -- Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms - Table of Contents
Glossary Pulp & Paper
Bookbinding and conservation of books
Glossary of Classical Music Terminology - Classical Insites
Internet Terms
Butterfly-Glossary©: internet&datacommunication
Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms
GLOSSARY of WWW, Web Searching, and Netscape Jargon
Recycling Glossary
The Complete Glossary of Insurance Coverage Explanations©
UGeek Technical Glossary
Holocaust Glossary
A Buddhist Glossary
e-mail acronyms and emoticons
Jane's Defence Glossary
shakespearean glossary
Glossary of Water Resource Terms
Weather Glossaries / Reference Materials
Fish Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Smithsonian from A to Z
FREE Internet Encyclopedia
Compton's Encyclopedia Online
Welcome to Letsfindout Kids' Encyclopedia from Electric Library
Draft Cave and Karst Terminology
Encyclopedia of Water Terms
Firearms Glossary
Film, Audio and Video Terminology
Intelligent Transportation Systems -- Data Dictionary
The climbing dictionary
Virtual Garden Homepage
Heraldic Glossaries
Glossary of Terms Essential to Understanding the Abortion Controversy
Art Glossary
ArtLex - dictionary of visual art
Quality Control glossaries
USA Gold, Glossary of Adhesive Terminology
Insurance terms defined - Insurexchange Insurance Glossaries
NetSERF's Hypertext Medieval Glossary
The Getty Information Institute: Vocabularies
Glossary of Oceanography and the Related Geosciences with References
Moose Antler terminology
Instant Text Glossary Exchange
FishName Translator
Bird names translation index : Introduction
Eclectic Martial Arts Glossary
University of Alberta Cognitive Science Dictionary (Home Page)
HRZone: Overview fo TQM
HRZone: Workers Compensation Alphabet Soup
StampsOnline - glossary of philatelic terms
Glossary of Electrical Terms
Cigar Glossary -- Duck In Cigar Outlet
Cigar Glossary
The Bogart Collection, Dealer of Exclusive Cigars: Arturo Fuente, Cuesta Rey, La Unica, Montesino, Escudo Cubano, Dominican Cigars, Cabinets, Bundles. (helpful tips- test your knowledge of cigars and other stuff.)
tisweb_welcome screen
WP-1 Human Resource Glossary
Resource Guide - Glossary
SquareOne Technology: Internet Glossary
Work Glossary
A Glossary of Psychological Terms
HR Administration and Recruitment Procedure Manual - Table of Contents
Uniscape, Inc. - Glossary
The climbing dictionary
Middle English Glossarial Database
Glossary of Airline Terms
E-Mail Glossary from Everything E-Mail ®
Pet Health Glossary Index
Roedy Green's Gay & Black Glossary
The Folk File (Version 3.00, Feb/97)
Units Dictionary
Glossary-British and Indian Army
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Roofing Terms and Definitions
A Modern Herbal Home Page
Glossary of frame terms Gems Glossary
Welcome to Encyberpedia
Classicalguide - Dictionary
List of Acronyms
Ad Terms
SMZ Advertising: Glossary
Advertising Media Glossary
Acronym Finder: Look up 103,200+ acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings
TC 127 Earth-moving machinery
Acronym glossary
Multilingual printing glossary
Book binding and the conservation of books
Cambridge Dictionaries online © Cambridge University Press 1999
About Barcoding
Myvatn bird checklist
Links: Maritime Dictionaries
Elwell's Glossary of Sociology
Joseph's film Glossary_A
A Glossary of Film Terms
UCMP Glossary
BioMedia Glossary
Encyclopædia Britannica Online
Standard Refrigeration - Service Glossary
Lexicon of Linguistics
Honey Glossary
BWCA Glossary
Research Institute for the Humanities - Reference
The Tech Word Spy
The Alternative Dictionaries
The Skeptic's Dictionary Home Page
Over 338 skeptical definitions and essays

on occult, paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific ideas and practices
with references to the best skeptical literature.
TGSC Home Page
Perfumery Terms
Business Home
Rainer Hillebrand's Telecommunications Acronyms/Separate File
Speaker Terms
The Photonics Dictionary
The Biggest Online Text Dictionary on the Web
corrosion glossary
Borders' Dictionary of Health Physics - Menu
Natural gas production glossary
Glossary of Weather Terms
The Astronomy Thesaurus
Ritter's Crypto Glossary and Dictionary of Technical Cryptography
Perseus Encyclopedia toc
Islam 101
WWWebster Thesaurus - Search screen
Giant Glossary of Electronic Terminology
Search FishBase
UNESCO Thesaurus Home Page
Wind Energy Glossary
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Glossary of Terms
Wordsmyth: Welcome!


Eoxx 0.5
Esperanto: Multilingual Information Center
the artificial language Ido
Esperanto - English On-line Dictionary


Common Errors in English
The Collective Noun Page
Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style
11 Rules of Writing -- a concise guide to important grammar and punctuation rules
Non-Sexist Language
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
American English
proofreading and editing tips
Purdue Online Writing Lab
On the Web: Writing and Citing
Fowler, H. W. 1908. The King's English.
THE SLOT: A Spot for Copy Editors
'Hot 100" - writing tips
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Purdue OWL: Writing Resources
Business Home
Business Buylines
The UVic Writer's Guide: Start Here
The Economist: The style guide

Human Resources

Science and Technology HR Management project - Home Page

Translation Jobs

The Human-Languages Page
UN vacancy announcements
jobEngine - ZDNet's employment center for computer industry and Information Technology (IT) Professionals!
Computer Jobs in Israel
Language International: Recruitment Ads
The European Commission - Translation Service
NBEW: Weddles Web Guide
MultiLingual Computing, Inc. A Free Job Posting Board for Freelancers in Translation, Programming, Design, Etc.
Job Opportunities
ProZ: Freelance Translators' & Translation Agencies' Jobs Board / Directory

Just for fun -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Page of Strange and useless information
Pooh stories and quotes
Bell Labs Text-to-Speech
The Hamster Dance
Llanfairpwll - How to Say the Name Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
Transcript: The Holy Grail
U S E L E S S K N O W L E D G | Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes
The Fix Express: Internet's Best Quotes, Humor, Jokes, Trivia, Vocabulary and History.
How to keep an idiot busy
Dumb Laws
Welcome to my Cave!!!
Coolsig - Find Great Email Signature Files!
Candy Direct - World's Largest Candy Store Online
Silly Files Stress Relief Aquarium 2.1 America's Newspaper Corrections Connection
P45 - Wasting time @ work - the Exe files
DILBERT ZONE | Mission Statement
Internet Bumper Stickers at
Muppet Songs
Interesting Sound Files - Descriptions
The World Wide Brain Club (A user manual for your mind)
The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
[The Go2Net Network - Useless Pages ]
Send-A-Quote.Com | HomePage
Cyber "Camera"
Urban Legends Reference Pages
News of the Weird
INTERESTING IDEAS - roadside art
PhiLL's Site Of Useless Information
The Chocolate Lovers' Page - Your Web Guide to Chocolate
Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
100 Trillion Haiku - The Genuine Haiku Generator
The Movie Cliches List



US Patent and Trademark Office Home
Where to find patent information on the Internet
European Patent Office
Databases: Patent Full-Text and Bibliographic
Search for Patent Data, TWS
5-Language Terminological Dictionary with Patent Classification
PATENT CAFE, where Inventors, attorneys, kids find help on Patents, Intellectual Property, Innovation.

legal forms

Free Legal Forms
more legal forms
Legal Forms and Documents (Counsel Quest)
The 'Lectric Law Library's Business and General Forms
Some More Legal Forms
Court TV Small Business Law Center
Hebrew Legal Forms - Haim Ravia, Law Offices: Legal Links
Law Practice Forms - from the 'Lectric Law Library
Business and General Legal Forms - from the 'Lectric Law Library - Free Legal Forms, Documents, Form Letters and more
Universal declaration of human rights
Over 100 languages
The Police Officer's Internet Directory
"and Justice for All"
The Law Engine! Law & Research & Legal & Search & Internet
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
Limited Liability Company and Incorporation Terms
Services to Lawyers (Surfing Lawyer)
Foreign Governments/Constitutions, Laws and Treaties
About Martindale-Hubbell
LLRX -- Guide To European Legal Databases
International Law Dictionary
The Biz - LAW - All Entries
Duhaime's Law Dictionary: The Web's Legal Dictionary
HIEROS GAMOS - Business and Legal Guides
Katsuey Kat's legal links - a legal research mega-site for attorneys and law firms - Legal Questions,Answers and Research from Attorneys.Eslamboly & Barlavi,Attorneys,Lawyers,Law,Legal Advice,
Haim Ravia, Law Offices: Legal Links - Hebrew Introduction
Law Search Engine: Hebrew : Self Help Center
ñ÷éøä îùôèéú - î÷åø äîéãò äîùôèé ìòåøëé äãéï
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Hebrew- legal information from the press




John Wilcock
Mabercom: Manon Bergeron
Roger Hughes's home page
Khalid Abalhassan's 1998
Luciana's Home Page
Kirk McElhearn's Home Page
Andrea Hoffmann
Antonio Martins
Michelle Asselin
Bugel-Shunra Translations
Italian translator Carlo Mario Chierotti []
Graciela Giordano
Veronica's Translations: Home Page
Alex Lane's Corner of Texas - Home
Avi Bidani
ABOVE Translations-Ryszard Kasprzyk & Ewa Wegrzyn
Stephen McLuckie
Guido Lenz
Scott Sadowsky | The Spanish - English Translation Site ... Online Glossaries: Index
Susan Larsson's Website: Effective Searching, Medical Links, Translators' Site du Jour
Leposava Toseski, Translator - Home page
Doug Robinson
Cristina Marquez Arroyo - Translator
Claire Parker - Freelance Translator French to English - Traductrice français / anglais
AMTRAD translations from English and French into Italian
Miguel Fiallos
Martin Purdy's Home Page


Library of Congress Home Page
Queens Public Library NY
Libweb - Library WWW Servers
The British Library
The Internet Public Library
The Universal Library
netLibrary - Main Library
Shtetl, Yiddish Language and Culture - Library

Language & Translation


The Translator
Language Today
META - Journal des traducteurs
Journal of Language and Computation
Translation Journal
Language International: The magazine for language professionals
MultiLingual Computing, Inc.
The Edge: The E-Journal of Intercultural Relations


Word Power Ltd. (Legal Translators)
TraD'or The Translation Company which opens Up the language doors for You
ALMAL HOME PAGE UK Translation Service
LinguaVision France
Edit - Easy Does I.T. - Internet & Translation : Welcome
Language Management International: translation, localization, globalization, internationalization, languages, double-byte enablement, website translation, software localization
Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Services on the Web. By Hake Internet Projects, LLC
Welcome to K International Online
Translation Articles
The Translation Department - A Polylang Article
Studio Melchior
Meridian Translation Technologies
AlphaT - translations
Atlas Translations-A Complete Language Service


American Translators Association
PEN American Center - Translation Committee
International Translators' Association
ITI - Institute of Translation & Interpreting
AIIC - International Association of Conference Interpreters
FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs)
Association of Translation Companies


Pangaea ITC - Language Translator Directory
Aquarius Directory of Translators and Interpreters: Aquarius homepage
Sofware Builders - Translators Database is hosted by Wyith Inc. - Avishay Bidani
Directory of literary translators
Text for InfoMarex insertion on own page : text-01.htm
Free Translation Exchange by TransNet2000

Automatic translation

Go translator service
AltaVista: Translations
Translators - Kids PenPals - Net Links
Say Hola To
WinDi Translation Help in 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).

Translators' Home Pages

Rozenman's Hebrew Translator's Home
Albert's Top 200 Translation Links
Cecilia Falk - Home Page
Kevin & Denis
Philippe Rouquet's Bookmarks
Uri's Web Presence
Translators' Site du Jour: Language Links Plus
Gideon TOURY's Site
Michelle de Raaij

Plain English Campaign

LPI: Whitepaper: Writing for Translation
Writing for translation
SMART Press Release - Plain Language in US Government
SMART - MAXIt Program
97 Proceedings - Plain Language in Progress
Plain Language Network
Introduction/Writing User-Friendly Documents/PEN/NPR
Document Design Online Journal
The Magical Number Seven
Fight the Fog - Translation Service
UNL (Universal Networking Language)


Translation article from Amazon
Lecturer in German Andreas Aebi finds film dubbing challenging, rewarding
Trader talk is exclusive, but makes money
WWW Foreign Language Resources
Glenn's Guide
Silicon Valley Localization Forum
court interpreting
Multilingual Information Society Programme (MLIS) homepage
Word Of The Day
Worthless Word of the Day dictionary index
The Translators Home Page
The israeli site for Unique Hebrew words
Proteus Word Search
Online store for multilingual dictionaries and glossagies: Business, Finance, Computing.
Words, words, words!
Anne-Li Lindqvist's site
translation as a profession
The Princeton Review Guide to Your Career: Translator
Translators (General Products and Services)
Online Dictionaries and Translators
Translator's Guide to the Internet
The Human-Languages Page
The Need for Component Methodologies in Global Applications
Canadian vs. British English
Blundered xlations
The ELRA home page
Electric Editors - Homepage
Consumer guide to good translation
Ring of Translation Research
Innsbruck Translation links
Plain English Campaign: disclaimer and publications download
Online Dictionaries and Translators
The List of Language Lists
The LINGUIST List: Bibliography Page
Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
Words coined by Shakespeare
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
XRCE Language Guessing
MLTT: Language Identifier
Language Resources from The Language Resource
Lost in Translation - 98.12-computerized xlation
De Proverbio
The institute of the translation of Hebrew literature
Globalisation of Software & User Interfaces: Paper
äà÷ãîéä ììùåï äòáøéú
Canadian Mind Products
UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society - Themes - Multilingualism - Introduction
Terminology Collection: Online Dictionaries
Translation Resources - Translators - Computer Translation
Neotext, Translations Links
The Dictionary and Glossary Webring Homepage
Just For Fun – Fun things in translation.
Jokes on Translation and Languages - page 1
Tips On Language Translation
The Avalon Project : Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 9
The NIV: Simply a Bad Translation
Translation Resources
Book Review October 1998-Word Net
Neotext, Translations Links
Translation Centre
Translation and Localization Free Link Page
The AIR Universal History Translation Project
A Brief Guide for Editors and Translators of Englsh Sefarim
St Jerome Publishing
Publishing house specializing in translation, interesting links
Virtual Translator. Front Page
Translation links
Resources for Tolkienian Linguistics
Scattered Tongues - the conlang webring
The Klingon Language Institute
cross cultural communication for business
Salon Media Circus | Why do movie subtitles stink? - Resources for Professional Translators
Martha Barnette's
Welcome to STC Israel Chapter
The Socirty for technical Communication - Israel
World Intellectual Property Organization
SOFTWARE - LANGUAGE TRANSLATION resources from Nerd World Media
Welcome to the Translator and Interpreter Resources Web Site
Language Miniatures

Language fun

Universal Translator 98v1
Internet Anagram Server : Home
Internet Anagram Server : Advanced
Numbers in Over 3000 Languages
Cook's Thesaurus
SMART Press Release - Plain Language in US Government
JV: Translations
VWR Email Abbreviations
VWR Emoticons
CNN - Books: Crossword
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
The Dialectizer
Convert English text to...well, you'll see.
The Not So Correct Dictionary
BE vs AE -embarrassing words
The complete list of Anglo-American confusions
Word Play
Amanda's Mnemonics Page
XRCE Language Guessing
MLTT: Language Identifier
The Southern Word Homepage
Tongue twisters, Zungenbrecher, Trabalenguas, Skorogovorki
WORDLAB - Inverting the English Language
Ye Olde English Sayings
"Word Safari: expand your vocabulary while exploring the Web"
AreaGuide - The Night Watch - Tedford's Glossary of Politically Correct Phrases & Stuff
Ambrose Bierce : The Devil's Dictionary
Dave Wilton's Etymology Page
Words and WordPlays
I'm 66 languages
Jennifer's language page
The Uselessness of Language
The Word Detective
helwig's smiley dictionary
travlang's "I love you" in Many Languages
The Word Spy - Home Page
A Word With You
This Morning: Canada's Most Wanted Words
Dave Treude's English to Jive Translator
Strange & Unusual Dictionaries

Literature & Writing

Inkspot: Writing Resource, Writers' Community
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
trAce Online Writing Community
WWW> Writers Resource LISTING (LONG!!)
HEL Website
January Magazine
Chris MacLeod's Bookmarks
S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts
VoS English Literature: American
Longman English Technical Writing
User Friendly Manuals Homepage
Documentation Manager's Newsletter
DernWeb: The Well-Tempered Press Release
(, a library of letters )
Classic Short Stories
The Writers' Center at Colorado State University -- CSU's Writers' Center and OWL (Writers' Center)


Pharmacy Information on the Internet
Dr. Koop's Community
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
WHO Technical Terminology Service. Health-related Terminology in Cyberspace
Welcome to Online Surgery- Live Surgical Broadcasts
American Medical Association
sexual health encyclopedia
Neuroscience Education: Glossaries of Neuroscience Terms - Neuroscience Net Links
Neurosciences on the Internet
Spine Surgery Home Page
Sites - Medical reference sites
Achoo Healthcare Online - Home Page
medspeak - the language of ER
Medical abbreviations
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Herbal Medicine chest
HerbNET - Menu Page
Dental Terminology
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
On-line Medical Dictionary
Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary
Glossary of Medical and Pharmacological Terms
A dictionary of dental terms
WCK: list of medical glossaries
Alternative Medicine Glossary, Life Enrichment Network
Medical Links
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
children with DIABETES - Diabetes Dictionary
Optometry & Ophtalmology
InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information: Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary
HealthScout: Watching the Medical World for News About You
Dr. Felix's Free MEDLINE Page
Merck Manual
Medical Resources - Dictionaries, Databases, Encyclopedias, Glossaries, and Search Engines
DR GIL MED LINKS and some other things...
MaxMed - natural medicin and spiritualism
Glossary of Terms
MASA Heart Surgery Glossary
Welcome to MedSite!
The Israeli Medicine Portal
Healthlinkusa, Health Links to 1000s of sites, treatment, diagnosis, prevention, risk factors, support groups - Your Guide to Diseases, Disorders & Chronic Illness
The Virtual Hospital: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation
Chinese Medicine - Effi Kfir's site
Locatorplus Home Page
blood test analysis (Hebrew)
Locum International - - IAGIM - The Israeli Internet Medical Magazine
Rotem Research Insts. - øåúí îëåðé îç÷ø
NLC: Glossary of Terms
US Medical Education Glossary
Internet Mental Health
Glossary of Terms
OMIM Home Page -- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Genes and disease
Vitamin Buzz: Health & Nutritional Information Resource Center
Portfolio - Glossary of Lay Terms for Use in Preparing Consent Forms
HealthCentral - People's Pharmacy - Herb Library
EUtopia - Folk Illness Glossary Page
Online scientific and medical dictionaries
Hardin MD - Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources


Greenpeace International Homepage
Dun & Bradstreet Israel - Main Site
All Business Network
Governments on the WWW: Table of Contents
Telstra Corporation: {Tele}Communications Information Sources
The European Union (EU) in the US
áøåëéí äáàéí ìîëåï äú÷ðéí äéùøàìé
World Trade Organization
Amnesty International on-line

Tania's home on the WWWeb
Shunra's Shanty (Geocities)
Rozenman Translation Services
Doron's Web

Science & Biology

Sargent-Welch Reference Page VWR Scientific Products Science Education
Welcome to BioTech
Science (Quick) Reference
Periodic table
Naturesongs Digital Recordings from Nature!
Visual Calculus
Acronyms and Abbreviations
The Electronic Zoo
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server
GCMD List of Earth Science Acronyms and Glossaries
Glossary, Conservation Ecology, BIOL 134
Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms
Diccionarios y Glosarios
Insects on WWW
Anatomical Dictionary
UCMP Glossaryof biological terms
Glossary of nomenclatural terms in zoology
Parasites and Parasitological Resources
Translation-DNA to Protein
Glossaries, dictionaries, terminology & acronyms
SciCentral: Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online Resources
The Human Genome Project - Glossary
The Structure of the DNA Molecule
NOAA Fisheries
ResearchIndex: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library [Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute]
NCBI HomePage
Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links
a portal for genetic information
Untitled Document
National Academy Press


Welcome To Search Engine Watch
Searching the World Wide Web: Selecting Search Strategy, Analyzing your topic, Choosing the tools you need, Searching Instructions, Search Engine features
Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies
Teachersweb Search Tutorial
Internet Research News
Squirrel Hunt - Bi-weekly Internet Scavenger Hunt and Teacher Resources
ResPool ~ Pooling New & Known Reference Resources on the Internet
Nua Internet Surveys
information quality on the net
LEXIS®-NEXIS® Academic Universe - Main Menu
The Full Guide to WEB Search in Hebrew - by Yaniv Simsolo
Finding Information on the Internet: A TUTORIAL
MEL: Evaluating Health Information
Beginner's Guide To Life And The Internet
Searching the World Wide Web [NEC Research Institute]
äçôùï - çéôåù çëí áøùú
Finding Data on the Internet
City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada - Help for New Surfers on the World- Wide Web; Help with HTML, Help for First-time users of MS Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mosaic Browsers.

Travel Info

áøåëéí äáàéí ìðîì úòåôä áï-âåøéåï
Airline Deals
City.Net World Map
Internet Resources--Countries
The Rough Guides
travlang front page
Welcome To MapQuest!
Ganim - About

Terminology Harvesting

Resources for the Future
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
Stammtisch Beau Fleuve Homepage Search Engine Latin American Financial Markets and Business
The Auto Channel's MAIN STUDIO
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Media Watch Group
Chiltern Seeds - the World's leading specialist seed supplier for shrubs, trees, plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
The Syndicate Homepage
øîãåø - çãùåú
TradePort International Trade
ISRAEL resources from Nerd World Media
Flora of China Home Page
iGuide - Israeli Internet Guide
Promise you won't forget about me!
Netscape Communications Services
US Dept. of Education
Educational systems around the world
NPL:The International System of Units
Welcome to the Simon Wiesenthal Center Online
The Info Service
Heraldica: What's Here
Flags of all Countries
France Companies : The e-gateway to the business world
Topical Search: Trade & Services/Translation & Interpreting Services
Welcome to How Stuff Works any question!
Girl Geeks?
DISCscribe Ltd. - Helpful Hints for Home Businesses
Your Nation
The House Of Cards - The Best In Card Games and Playing Card Information
Web Sites that are Good for You
Intraware: Knowledge Center
Psychological Testing Main Page
World Time Scales
The Better Payment Practice Group. This web site is here to help you get your invoices paid on time.
Workers of the Web, Evolt! -- The Browser Archive
The Copyright Website
What Is...every file format in the world (a Summary)
Definition of Terms
FinDatSys World Wide Ltd
Pretty much OK with . . .
welcome to iii [insurance information institut]
World Safety 4000+ Links
Welcome to ISO Easy!
Post, Emily. 1922. Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home
The Regency Fashion Page
xlation related sites
ATINS Bookmarks
Bookmarks for Peter Spitz
Business Portal

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