A Pictoral History of Las Vegas' Police Vehicles

"We were good back then; today we are 'Simply the Best.'" Dennis Larsen, President of the MPMAN

This 1941 Chevrolet was seized from a drug dealer and restored as a sheriff's car of the era. It took Sgt Dennis Larsen, Officer Duane Price and Officer Bob Holland two years to complete the work. It was first displayed at the LVMPD 25th Anniversary party for current and retired employees on July 1, 1998, at the MGM Grand Theme Park.

This 1973 Plymouth Satellite was the last patrol vehicle used by the Las Vegas Police Department before the merger with the Clark County Sheriff's Office on July 1, 1973. Sgt Larsen proudly drove one of these vehicle while wearing blue as a Las Vegas police officer during the early 1970's.

This 1973 Plymouth Fury was the last patrol vehicle used by the Clark County Sheriff's Office before the merger with the Las Vegas PD. Current Sheriff Jerry Keller drove one of these during his early career as a CCSO deputy.

A committee of deputy sheriffs and LV police officers chose the colors for the new LVMPD police vehicles. This 1974 Dodge Monaco was the only vehicle to bear this color scheme, as the colors were very short-lived. Many drivers complainted that they was too obscure and difficult to spot. Many traffic citations were written to unobservant drivers during Metro's first year as an agency.
This 1998 Ford Crown Victoria is the current vehicle used by the LVMPD Patrol Division. Notice the different black and white color scheme from the early vehicles. The hood and roof were changed to white to better deal with the intense heat of Southern Nevada.

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