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UPDATE May 10, 2009. Thank you for visiting my "doodlings." At one time this was a very popular site, but due to some major upheavals in my life, I hadn't done anything with it for several years. Now that I have a new computer and an updated program, I'm creating again but will not be adding them here.

I will be leaving this website active, because there are people that still write their own html and can use these backgrounds.....I have also found that they can be used on wordpress pages IF you have a theme that allows you to customize the headers.

*IF ANYONE READING THIS KNOWS WHERE I CAN GET A SITE (without the sidebar ads) where I can do my own mark-up instead of using an editor, please let me know at the below e-mail addy....Thank you.....*

Please visit these websites for my present creations:

Judi's Doodlings (2009)
Judi's Videos

Do you have StumbleUpon???? If you don't, you have no idea what you're missing!!!!!!!! You can do a search on StumbleUpon or you can visit me at: Judibug to see what it's all about!!!!!!!!! If you find something you like, please download it to your hard drive by right clicking. If they are necessary, there will be instructions for coding your pages under each category.


Border Info Violets Red Rose
Country Hearts Red Lady Unicorn
Lil' Miss Bronco Angel


HoHoHo Christmas Stocking


Christmas 1 Christmas 2 Christmas 3
Christmas 4 Christmas 5 Santa 1
Santa 2 Santa 3 Santa 4
Santa 5 Santa 6 Shepherd


Valentine Set Valentine Set 2 More Valentine


Young Love Puppy Love A Good Time?
Lil' Darlin Fountain 2 Girls & Kitten
Girl With Rabbits Boy With Ducks

Animal Backgrounds

Dogs More Dogs Cats
Cats 2 Cats 3 Cats 4
Cats 5 Cats 6 Ducks/Geese
Bears Eagles

Miscellaneous Backgrounds

Storybook Characters Women Young Ladies
Sunsets Cowboys Angels



If you found something here that you like and use it, I would appreciate e-mail from you so I can see how you use it. My backgrounds are free, but I would like to ask that you provide a link back to my page. Thank you!!!

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