Traverse City State Hospital - e-mail contact information

To e-mail comments, suggestions, corrections, and additions, or to let me know of news and history related to Traverse City State Hospital (Northern Michigan Asylum, Grand Traverse Commons, etc), send e-mail to

Also please let me know if you see this site mentioned in magazines, web reviews, web journals, TV shows, books, or other news sources.

Please do not send SPAM (unsolicited commercial e-mail) to this address. Also, do not e-mail me looking for information on applying to work at the hospital: this particular hospital closed down in 1989. There is not a business or institution at this time called "Traverse City State Hospital", nor is there a successor institution other than the Community Mental Health agency which serves area mental health needs (and is not a mental hospital at all).

To contact the actual owners of the main building of the former Hospital, please visit The Village - TC, a site run by The Minervini Group.

This site is not the Committee to Preserve Building 50 site, as the Committee dissolved in 2003. However, if you really need to contact officials of the former Committee, please send me e-mail and I will try to contact them for you. E-mail addresses of the officials might appear in this space in the future.