Somes Prisoners


Primary Sources


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Early Settlers Index, Palmerston North Group of New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

Fritz Reuter passenger list for its Hamburg to Wellington voyage dated 12 April 1876 to 4 August 1876. In the author’s collection, from copy held by a descendent of  a ‘Fritz Reuter’ family that settled at Rongotea. According to J.N. Bade (1996) p.15, the original source is National Archives, Wellington..

Marton Lutheran Cemetery Records, per New Zealand Society of Genealogists’ cemetery records microfiche, Palmerston North Public Library.

Murie, David, ‘Henry Nicolai Christian Joosten’ (Heretaunga, 1995). Ten-page typescript of his research into the Joosten brothers, internees on Somes Island during World War One. It is based on a number of files on the family at National Archives, along with family traditions of Henry Joosten, formerly partner in the Wellington company Joosten & Murie.

National Archives (NA) material:

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Official Published

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Newspapers and Journals

Evening Post

Feilding Star

Manawatu Evening Standard

Manawatu Daily Times, formerly the Manawatu Times

New Zealand Herald

The Australian Brewer’s Journal, 1907.

Wanganui Chronicle

Wanganui Weekly Herald


Secondary Sources


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Oral Sources

Jim Lundy, Pohangina

Olga Zeinert, Palmerston North

Further research contributed to the 1999 version by Gordon Simonsen, Palmerston North.





I would like to thank Olga Zeinert and Jim Lundy for their direct input into this Research Exercise. I would also like to thank Kathleen Eder, Fred Setter, Eileen Andersen and Arthur McNicol, all of Palmerston North, for their indirect contributions, along with a great many others of German descent who have shared their family stories with me over the years. Clearly there is another story still waiting to be told.

I would also like to thank my BA (Hons.) classmate, Eileen Barrett, for her help in translating from French the relevant parts of the 1899 Hague Convention; Ian Matheson, Palmerston North for, amongst many things, his help regarding Major Dugald Matheson; my cousin Rosemary McLennan-Pratt for her help regarding Somes Island; and my supervisor, Joel Hayward for his assistance with German translations.

Lastly, to prove that I remember them, I thank my children, Tanya and Kieran, for their tolerance over the last few months. - Val Burr, 1 November 1996.

© Val Burr, 2003