ThE UnOfFiCaL SiTe Of Da bEsT tV sHoW!!! Of aLL...TaBiNg IloG!!!! TaBiNg ILog!!

I dON'T hAvE mUcH rIgHt NoW, BuT sOmE pIcS! So, BeAr WiTh Me! AnD i'LL mAkE iT BeTtEr..WHeN i GeT MoRe InFoRmAtIoN!

Da CaSt Of DiS wOnDeRfUL ShOw!!!

Alfonso "Fonzy" Ledesma played by : Baron Geisler
Salvador "Badong" Matibay played by : Paolo Contis
Ronald Victor "Rovic" Mercado played by : John Lloyd Cruz
Jamie "James Collantes played by : Patrick Garcia
Georgina "George" FuentaBella played by : Jodi Sta. Maria
Corrinne Ledesma played by : Desiree Del Valle
Epifinia "Eds" Delos Santos played by : Kaye Abad
Angela "Anne" De Guzman played by : Paula Peralejo

ThE gIrLs Of ThE gRoUp!!!
GeOrGe, CoRrInNe, EdS, AnNe

ThE BoYs Of ThE gRoUp!!!
FoNzY, BaDoNg, RoViC, JaMeS...

ArEn'T tHeY aLL sO cUtE aNd PrEtTy....FiRsT ePiSoDe..PrOm NiGhT..

ThE gRoUp PiC oF TaBiNg ILoG!!!!!!!!!

ThAt'S iT fOr NoW...I'LL aDd MoRe LaTeR!!

CaTcH tAbInG IlOg On AbS-CbN EvEry SunDay At 2:30pm - 4:00pm.

-All photos and some information were takin from der home studio ABS-CBN.

Episode Run Backs starting June 20, 1999. Go To : WhAt HapPeNeD?

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