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Thanks for coming by the 80s Child Webring Homepage!
Im glad you are interested in joining this HUGE webring! Currently I'm not taking new entrees until I can catch up a bit. So if you've been trying to join (for a long long time) thanks for your patience and I'll put you in ASAP!

Well if you would like to join this webring your site should fall under one or all of the following:

  1. An 80s Webpage.
  2. A page about you when you were a kid in the 80s.
  3. A page about almost ANYTHING at all from the eighties! :)

The things that are listed below are things that will get your webpage removed from the queue and will not be allowed in the ring.

  1. Any pornography. NOT ALLOWED!
  2. Over abundance of swear words or hate topics.
  3. Things that have NOTHING to do with the 80s such as WWF Smack Down. (Old 80s wrestling pages are cool though ;) )
  4. Religious pages of any sort. (Brings up to many arguments.The same goes with politics.)

If your webpage fits these requirements I would love to add you in!

Submit Your Site Here!

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Please be patient. I will add you into the ring ASAP! : )

The Future of the 80s Child Webring:

In the future I would like to give members of the ring a good sense of community within it, members would be able to really help eachother out with anything they needed, webdesign help, free 80s graphics etc. I will be working on a way to do this soon.

Im also working on an 80schild webring award that I will give out to my fave pages in the ring!

I hope this page has helped you decide to join this awesome 80s Child webring!

Ok Its safe...

If you have any questions about this ring or something else email me! Or leave a voice message for me free! @ 1-877-228-7772 extension#096 Its all automated!(You might get a cheap laugh from the greeting!)

Thanks for coming by!
Jeremy January/80s Child

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