This website is a follow-up of the Dutch Frank Zappa fanzine Black Page. The paper version existed from October 1983 till April 2000. Now Black Page still exists on-line.

Left of this text you see the contents of our magazine. We give you a explanation of the categories.

Hot Barfs! is the news category. In Big nOtes, a column of Peter van Laarhoven, you'll find all releases of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and everything related. In the Archive you'll find a summary of all paper editions and the possibillity to order the excisting copys. On the Bulletin Board you can leave or read messages. Through Links you'll find other interesting websites. Pictures brings you to… Pictures!

If you want to sell something or you're looking for something or you like to come into contact with another collector Black Page can help you. Go to Zappatentions.

For questions or if you have news please send a email to Piet. If you have comments about the site contact Aad.

Last update:
Hot Barfs april 15 2006
Big nOte march 8 2002
Zappatentions july 18 2003
Lucy Gomez august 6 2001
Arthur Barrow interview march 14 2002
John Livzey interview may 30 2002

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Hot barfs Big nOte Archive Links Pictures Zappatentions Lucy Gomez Arthur Barrow John Livzey