Yahoo has removed FTP access to the free accounts so this site will soon be deleted. When it is finally deleted I'll put up a link to the new address.


The Nexus

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Welcome to The Nexus!

Last Updated Saturday, April 28, 2001

Final Exam Schedule
Wednesday - May 2
 - Mat @ 8am (regular class)
 - Eng @ 11am (regular class)
 - Economics @ 1pm
Thursday - May 3
Chemistry @ 2pm
Friday - May 4
 - English @ 11am
Monday - May 7
 - Spanish @ 11am
Tuesday - May 8
 - Trig. @ 8am

This website is the nexus for all of the sites created or designed by Maverick Productions (me). All sites are different in both purpose and appearance. In addition The Nexus contains my normal ho-hum personal website stuff which no one (including me) really cares about, but is occasionally useful.


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