Oh no! Another Creatures page!

If you are familliar with my other pages, you are wondering "Pink? What the hell's with the Pink!?" Well, after many hours of playing with fuzzy and cuddly things it has started to affect me. But I still have my black background(I hate white pages, they hurt my eyes). Don't worry though, this is just for my Creatures pages, or till it get's on my nerves. I have darkened the feel of this particuar page a bit since I first put it up. Now I'm hard at work making a page about the Darker side of Albia.(or the darker side of me)

All Norns I own(I bred them) are now free to everyone. I tried the trading idea, and it didn't work. Still, you will have to go to the owners for the Norns I don't own(downloaded). My main offering is my "Feral" Norns. I will have others featured on this page later, if I get the time.

Feral Norns
Dark Albia

Tell Cyberlife
We want Ron!

Oh-no Mommy! No!

Wanna know what MindScape thinks when they see all us Nornaholics?

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Edward Scissorhands

Note on Names: I name my Norns by watching them for a few minutes and nameing them the first thing that pops into my head. None of the names have any significance other than that they felt "right" at the time.

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