Rincey meets the man .......

A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend a Terry Pratchett book signing in Sydney.   For those fans who have never met him....do so soon...he is very approachable, witty and he likes to have a good natter with his readers.   Certainly not a  prima donna type, very charming and helpful .... everyone in the store was happy ..strangers chatting with strangers, comparing notes ...waiting patiently.   I have to say I hate queues and I stood there for two hours happily waiting my turn.   When my big moment came ..... well read on and you will find out what a dill I can really be!!

Co-incidentally, this is the only pic of me you are ever likely to see online ..... so enjoy it !I

So I sez to Terry .... "well I have read all your books, why haven't you read my homepage ?"

.......and Terry sez to me ....."I don't like reading personal homepages just in case I have to sue the arse off people"

....at which point Rincey shut up and mumbled something about sign this one to Mick ...........please Mr P....

And to my delight, he did.... so I have included a pic of it below...look...he even did the little scythe bizzo God love him, to my absolute delight.

The signature (faint drum roll).........


I think the latin (?)  inscription means something like "no worries mate!" he was being very very ockerish in keeping with the general theme of the book.   In any case I walked away fromthat experience feeling very elated.    I think that Terry is everything  you think he is as you read the books.   His lively wit was evident and he was fairly irreverent.

If you are a fan then take it from me, you have to attend signings and get to know this bloke, you wont be disappointed and from what I have read, we, the fandom, are every bit as important to him.

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