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Sunday, January 6, 2002
Suburbia, California 


Golfing has its perks. 

Many years ago, we met Rosie and Fletcher at a class.  A golf class.  Talking, we learned that we lived just three doors away from each other on the same street!  We shanked, hacked, whiffed, and laughed our way through that class. 

And other than Fletcher's occasional work-related golf tournaments, we've never golfed since...

I think it was meant for us to take that class, just so we could meet Fletcher and Rosie, as over the years, we've remained friends.  Time has flown, and the kids -- the neighborhood kids -- have grown up.  Their oldest son works in Japan, and not only speaks the language, but writes kanji as well.  Damien is finishing up his college studies, and Crystal, a UCLA grad -- to Fletcher's USC consternation, no doubt --  is working as an auditor for the state.  

Since meeting Rosie, we've enjoyed her crafts in our home and offices.  When I say crafts, I should say, CRAFTS.  This former dental hygienist-instructor is an extremely talented crafter with a keen eye for color and design.  Her Christmas wreath has graced our family room mantel for years, and her fall, spring, and summer floral arrangements make their appearances, like clockwork, in our offices every year. Her works of art that have brought us, our family and clients years of enjoyment -- and a touch of class.

Congenial and goodhearted, Fletcher makes people feel right at ease.  If his hard work at Rosie's craft shows in their home as Mr. Does Everything/Cashier is any indication, he is also one hard worker and a super supporter of talent.  Fletcher works for a  Japanese automotive company, and we are not surprised that his real job -- his career -- has shot through the roof.  When I met him, I knew he was marked for success.  Sure enough, this past year, he was promoted to VP!

A few years ago, Rosie and Fletcher, watching the slow-going of the house being remodeled next door to us, decided to forgo enlarging their present home to accommodate her parents moving in.  Instead, they went house-hunting for a new and bigger house.  They found their new house in the hills of Villa Park, and since then, they've been hard at work making it their home.  

Today, Rosie and Fletcher invited us to their "Whew, We Survived the Holidays" gathering and we got to see just how busy they've been. As one of their guests said, yesterday: "So, this is how the other half lives..."

What a home!  Elegantly decorated and furnished (Rosie has such fabulous taste and vision). A spacious kitchen. A grand staircase. With seven bedrooms and almost as many bathrooms.  

Fletcher Lives Here Now! 

Rosie & Fletcher:  
The Perfect Hostess and Host and Rosie's gorgeous holiday crafts
Click here for an enlargement
Like me, Rosie s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s her holidays, enjoying her holiday decor well into the New Year.  

Unlike ours with our Rosie wreath and a tree in the corner, Rosie's  and Fletcher's house is entirely decked out in Christmas.  

She lives her craft and enjoys the fruit of her labor. 

We enjoyed and admired her gorgeously adorned Christmas trees with a manger in front of one and a train going around another, detailed snow villages on the sideboard and in the hallway, a family of reindeer in the guest bathroom, and Christmas bears hanging off ladders and wreaths. 

Fletcher proved to be an excellent barbecuer.  The ribs and chicken, served with all the fixin's, were simply delicious!  The guys were not only salivating over the food, but the outdoor kitchen, complete with sub-zero refrig for drinks, huge grill, sink, counter and stools.

Myself, I drooled over this waterfall.  Yes, waterfall.  Water that falls right into this outdoor jspa:  

Fletcher's & Rosie's spa with a distinctly Hawaiian ambience

We are so happy for this couple's well-deserved success.  Our golf buds have been amply blessed.  And they and their talents and abilities are blessings to others.  Full circles.

Funny, how you meet people and how they become your friends...


"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown

 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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