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Friday,  February 8, 2002
Suburbia, California 


Funny, how you meet your lifelong friends.

Almost twenty years ago, in the late spring of 1983, I was a student, finishing up my formal training. One of my last "practice" clients before graduation was a strikingly beautiful, dark-haired woman named Jillary, who was then a practicing image consultant. 

There was an instant chemistry between us.  We clicked.  

She and her husband, Ron, solidified that budding friendship by attending my graduation. It has flourished ever since.

Back then, they gifted me with a boldly colored silk scarf and a gift certificate for a make-up and wardrobe consultation.  With her lovely partner, Katie, she taught me that people look their stunning best when harmoniously dressed and made up in the colors of their season.  

"You are a Winter, dressing up as an Autumn," she said.  "Like me, not only are you a Winter, with your dark hair and eyes, you are a stark Winter. Think of winter with its contrasting, deep colors:  Black shadows against white snow.  You'll look your best in black, white, red, burgundy, royal blue, hot pink, dark gray, deep purples..."

Jillary looked smashing in her stark winter, high contrast colors, as did Katie in her dusky, soft summer colors, such as lavenders, mauves and grays. Their appearances were solid evidence for the seasonal color theory.  Since, I've been almost 100% faithful to the color swatch palette they gave me.

I may be a Winter on the outside, but back then, I was an Autumn through and through. The creams, beiges, tans, and browns of my completely autumn wardrobe allowed me to blend unobtrusively  into the background.  Remember, I am a basically shy INFJ.  I for introvert.

At first, I felt terribly conspicuous -- like a screaming banshee -- in those bright, bold winter colors.  In time, I warmed up to them, and missed my soothing, self-effacing brown clothes less and less.  These many years later, while I may be comfortable when dressed as a stark Winter, I am still your basic timid and retiring church mouse on the inside. 

A closet Autumn, that's me.

I do believe that the winter colors I wear as a professional have lent me that certain boldness and flair that have been helpful in my career, especially with my lecturing and public speaking engagements.  These are qualities that may have otherwise remained unexpressed. 

I am most grateful to my friend, Jillary.

A few years ago, Jillary and Ron realized their dream of retiring to a seaside community by moving to Cambria on the central California, halfway between LA and San Francisco. It is a place where they have blossomed into their God-given talents;  Jillary's for art and Ron's for hospitality.

The only drawback:  they are too many miles away from us. 

So, yesterday, it was with great delight that I received Jillary's message that she would be down here and if we could have get together.  A few moments ago, I quickly dispatched this e-reply back to her:  

Dearest Jillary,

We certainly have been thinking -- and missing -- you two, too! 

So, receiving this message to get together is a YES!  event. The usual routine is after the 11 o'clock client is done (this would be you, in this case), I do my administrative chores (calls, paperwork, reports, etc), then have lunch. The next client is not scheduled until 2.

So guess what! I am MORE THAN HAPPY to forgo the chores and spend that time with you at lunch (~12 - 2). Good, good, good.

I started an experimental personal project after my 50th birthday with the intention of staying in better touch with family and friends at home, even if it is sort of a one-way communication. So far, it's worked out well, and in fact, because of it, it triggers email responses back and forth that might not ever have happened, otherwise.

It's an "anonymous" online journal:

Mostly, it's excerpts from my own personal journal, i.e., stuff I'm okay sharing with the world, so it's light on gut spilling. Lots of mundane stuff, too, so be forewarned. 

You're family, as far as I'm concerned, certainly one of my favorites as you will see here.

Big hugs to your sweethearts -- Ron and pets. We love you, dearly. 

Jillary, you're always close to my heart.


Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you've got to do is call.
Lord, I'll be there, yes I will.
You've got a friend.
You've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
You've got a friend.

You've Got a Friend 
by Carole King and performed by James Taylor


"Life is a Gift."

Friends forever, 
Author Unknown

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 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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