The Southland's Sweet Springtime

Friday, March 15, 2002
Suburbia, California 


"Heaven is at our feet, as well as above us..."

I love the springtime. The world is fresh, rejuvenated, and sweet.

During the week, I work hidden away inside a building, apart from Nature. On weekends, I spend as much time as possible outdoors -- taking walks, gardening, or just being a turista in Nature.  I particularly enjoy the uplifting feelings of hope and joy that I get from witnessing Nature's rebirth.

Springtime in the Southland is the perfect time to be out and about. Two weeks ago, DH and I took the opportunity and leisure of seeing spring coming in by going on a nourishing, four hour nature hike.  

Here are photos of that splendid springtime hike, but first, click on this link to get right into a spring mood or play some Vivaldi by placing the cursor over the  link and right clicking the mouse, followed by clicking OPEN NEW WINDOW:

>> The Rhapsody of Spring
>>  Real Audio:  Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Spring

Click on the photos to enlarge.

An inviting, peaceful glen that whispers, "Retreat, rest and relax"

California poppies flirting with a barrel cactus

"Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil."
~ Reginald Hebel

A lush border of tulips and spring green.

A solitary log cabin with freshly painted shutters with windows opened wide to let the fragrant breezes in

    A spring rhapsody being sung by a quaint cottage garden 

Bursts of red cyclamen, screaming, 
"Passion! Excitement!"


A calming, restful view of delicate irises at water's edge

Spires of foxgloves reaching skyward under a mild sun

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.
~ Virgil A. Kraft

A woodland mix of lupines and California poppies dancing in a gentle breeze

A not-so-scary scarecrow in a profusion of colors

A well-tended vineyard with the promise of happy spirits in its budding vines

Sprouting little cabbages on a stalk -- ah, Brussel sprouts!
Most curious.

An almond tree in full flower, stunning in the afternoon light

A sweet puppy guide dog in training

"I need a nap.  
I'm still a puppy."

Where is this place?
C'mon, be a sport.  Humor me. Take a guess.
This is






September Morn 2002