Poonz' Surprise
Saturday, October 6, 2001

In the mountains,
only a 100 miles away, but a world apart

Dearest Poonz,

Before this morning's dream evaporates, here it is:

"Though we be apart,
we are but a heartbeat away."

"Outside the window, it is winter in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. I'm in a hotel room, small, but richly and tastefully decorated with damask and plush velvet.

I'm a guest at this hotel. I don't know who's the host. On the back of a sofa, on a red velvet pillow, is an unwrapped gift.  It is a commemorative plate with a picture of DH and me with Joanz and her family.  We're having dinner at Mama's Fish House in Paia, Maui. We're all smiling.

There's an urgent knock on the door. A hotel staffer informs me that they must set up the room, and would I vacate the room for a little while.

"Not a problem,"  I reply.  I wander into the hotel's lobby.  I am impressed with its lofty ceiling, its grandness.  I'm wondering why I am here.  And more perplexing, why am I here without DH?  I never travel without him, well, except once to Japan with Dad.  

At that precise moment, I literally run smack dab into Poonz' chest. He's tall; I'm short. Surprised is an understatement.  I wonder, "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be on Maui!"  

He gives me an innocent smile and just hugs me. I feel the love. Mine for him, and vice versa.  We love each other; not in a romantic way, but in a deeper way. In a soul-ish way, for lack of a better description.

Poonz takes me by the hand and leads me back to the hotel room, this time through a door in back of a hotel shop. Within that short interim, the room has been totally transformed. It's the same room as before, except now it is a huge suite filled with partyers, including DH, K, The Entourage, and family and friends. 

I am elated.  And there's that plate again, exactly where I saw it before.   

I then learn that Poonz has made all the arrangements for this gathering." 


At that moment, I woke up to sunrise in the mountains.


It is now late afternoon, and it is only just now that I realize that you, Poonz, gifted me this morning with a surprise birthday party. 

How did you know!?

Earlier last evening, I caught a news report that Canada and Hawai`i may be the safest places from terrorism.  Poonz, overnight, you managed to whisk me and all our loved ones off a safe haven, Canada, if only for a night. 

Distance may separate, but somehow we manage to bridge it. I really like how we do that.

"Life is a Gift."


With eternal love and thanks,
Author Unknown


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