Bathed in Sound
The Integratron, Landers, CA

Tuesday, October 16, 2001


Driving over to Landers, DH mentioned that one of his former students, Chris Gubler, has an orchid farm out in Landers.  When we drove into The Integratron's parking lot, we discovered that Gublers Orchids was right across the street!  Small world, as they say. Being Sunday, it was closed.  We'll catch him, next time. 

Back at The Integratron, we joined Jim and the ticket/info booth couple in the outdoor living room -- sofas arranged in a U-shape with a central coffee table under the trees.  The air temperature was perfect for lounging.  

The effervescent ticket woman introduced us to Touchabubbles.  These are enchanting bubbles that that you blow, and they magically harden.  They don't break, and you can catch them, stack them, watch them roll.  O and Freddy, our dogkids, looked very la-di-dah with these glistening bubbles on their coats. (The bubbles are non-toxic)

We fell in love with Harley the Dog. A huggable bear of a dog, Harley is mellow, sweet and very handsome in a Rottweiler-Retriever kind of way. He sweetly exchanged friendly sniffs with O and Freddy.  

Nancy gave us an arm-chair tour of the property. It has its own small observatory, its own water supply, meditation room, vineyard, and above-ground pool. Beneath the arid desert floor are large stores of underground water that is brought to the surface by wells. With this desert-transforming water, The Karl Sisters are greening their corner of the desert, turning it into a veritable oasis.  

With TLC, they have revitalized the fruit trees, once neglected for years and barely alive when they bought the property. With water -- lots of it, the sisters have revived the trees and nursed them back to robustness.  This summer, the trees paid them back in kind with luscious apricots and tasty, soft textured almonds.

Nancy brimmed with passion for her thriving vineyard, which is planted alongside The Integratron. Waxing poetic as she described her summer harvest, the green-thumbed Nancy says she cares as much about her grapes as she does the dome.

When you come, bring ROCKS to help the sisters create rock ponds that encircle these trees for deep soaking.  Out in the desert, light watering is actually detrimental as the solubilized salts kill the plant roots

It was time for the group sound bath.  There were at least 25 of us.  Once again, we removed our shoes and climbed the stairs to the upper room, arranging ourselves in a circle, lying down with our heads toward the center.  

For a half hour, Nancy luxuriated us by bathing us with sounds from her skill playing of quartz crystal singing bowls:

Please be sure to read The Integratron website's description of:

The Sound Bath


It was a heavenly experience!  

A year ago, I was introduced to the frosted singing bowls by a lovely woman in Running Springs.  Impressed by the full tones, I bought a CD of singing bowl tones to enjoy at home.

The Integratron sound bath is an entirely new experience.  Because of The Integratron's unique dome acoustics and its wrap-around sound and amplification, the resonant tones embraces, goes deeper, and are more  "energetic" by several quantums. 

I was hearing with more than my ears; I was feeling the pure tones with my whole body.The sounds massaged all of me -- my bones, soft tissue, nerves, arteries, and veins.  My blood, lymph and other body fluids vibrated with the soothing tones. 

Touching the spirit, emotions and physical being, the sound bath is a holistic experience in every sense of that word.

I don't know the science of it all, but I have a suspicion that the amplified energy from the standing waves literally blasts out whatever dis-ease is buried deep within the body, whether that be pain, emotion, fear, doubt, insecurity, or anything else.

Afterward, I felt relaxed, lighter, and radiant,  very possibly right off the Kirlian scale.  Like having an old-fashioned water bath, I felt cleansed, refreshed, and ready for bed.



In the middle of this magnetic vortex is The Karl Sisters.  Like us, fellow travellers on a road that is not well-travelled, while having a blast out in the desert.  Uplifting spirits is fun, fun, fun.

Just as they are nurturing their trees back to life,   transforming a desert wasteland into a productive oasis, I believe that The Karl Sisters are encouraging a kind of accelerated, yet rich spiritual growth for their visitors, by getting our bodies' energy vortexes spinning up to speed and at the same rate, which promotes health.

They are putting their all into their joint endeavor, and with the highest truth, wisdom and light. 

I believe in miracles. And with these entries, I support their miracle.  

It is profound.


"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown


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