E-Mail with "I Wish You Enough"
Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Down the Hill 


Knowing how dear my father was to me, my friend, June, sent me this email today:  

This is a keeper!

This is a wonderful little message. 

I think you'll really like it alot.
love ya', and I wish you enough!

It spoke to my heart, as my life with my father was more than enough.  It is a keeper.  And because it is one, I'm posting it here to share it with you. 



Family and friends, near & far,

The holiday spirit is rearing its head ... so here is my first wish for all of you. I thought it was a nice little story. Read on.

I wish you enough...

Update on 1/12/01:

I learned the author of this "nice little story" is Bob Perks.  Rather than posting his story here, I will direct you directly to it on his website:  click here

I really love this! I think too often we expect our lives to be perfect - taking for granted all of the "inconveniences" that come our way.

God never promised us a perfect life. But He does promise to always be with us through our trials and tribulations. We all need to remember the bad things are as important as the blessings in life because they help to develop character and hopefully bring us closer to God. How would we measure the joys in our life without any sorrows?

I wish you enough...

(Thank you for your gift of words, June -- love ya, too, and I wish you enough!)

"Life is a Gift."

Wishing you enough, with love,
Author Unknown

P.S.  If you would like to share a portion of yourself  with words, in response to this journal entry,  you may do it here.  

 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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