(what you see is what you get)


I do not claim to have created any of these...
Most have been around the internet for years!
These one line faces are truly the most primitive of ASCII art.
And I'm sure many of you will enjoy the acronyms too...
People always seem to be requesting this information...
So here it is!






       ,MMM8&&&.              `'MMM88&&&,
      MMMMM88&&&&                'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                 'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                   'MMM88&&&
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                    'MMM88&&&
      MMMMM88&&&&                       MMM88&&&
       'MMM8&&&'     MMMM888&&&&         'MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
       ,MMM8&&&.                          MM88&&&
      MMMMM88&&&&                        ,MM88&&&
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                      MMM88&&&'
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                     MMM88&&&'
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                   MMM88&&&'
      MMMMM88&&&&                  MMM88&&&'
       'MMM8&&&'                MMM88&&&'
  emoticon (noun).  A figure created with the symbols on the
     keyboard.  Read with the head tilted to the left.  Used to
     convey the spirit in which a line of text is typed.
     Also known as "smileys".
:-|             ambivalent
o:-)            angelic
>:-(            angry
|-I             asleep
(::[]::)        band-aide
:-{}            blowing a kiss
\-o             bored
:-c             bummed out
:()             can't stop talking
:*)             clowning
:'              crying
:'-)            crying with joy
:'-(            crying sadly
:-9             delicious, yummy
:->             devilish
;->             devilish wink
:~)             drunk
:-6             exhausted, wiped out
:(              frown  *see smile for other frowns using ( instead of )
\~/             full glass
\_/             glass empty
^5              high five
((((name))))    hug
(()):**         hugs and kisses
:-I             indifferent
:-#             lips are sealed
:~/             mixed up
****            popcorn
&&&&            pretzels
@}>-'-,--       rose
:-@             screaming
:-O             shocked, surprised
:)              smile
=)              smile
=o)             smile
=O)             smile
:o)             smile
:O)             smile
:-P             sticking tongue out
^               thumbs up
:-&             tongue tied
:-\             undecided
;)              wink
|-()            yawning
!-(    black eye                       :-(    un-smiley
#-)    partied all night               :-( )  You stepped on my toe
#:-o   "Oh, nooooooo!"                 :-(0)  yelling

$-)    won the lottery                 :-(=)  big teeth
%')    blotto                          :-)    smiley standard
%*@:-( hung over                       :-) 8  Dolly Parton
%*}    very drunk                      :-) :-) :-) loud guffaw
%+{    lost a fight                    :-))   double chin
%-(I)  laughing out loud               :-)))  very overweight
%-  drunk with laughter                :-)--  98-pound weakling
%-\    hungover                        :-)X   wearing a bowtie
%\v    Picasso                         :-)}   has goatee/beard
&.(..  crying                          :-,    "Hmmmm."
&:-)   curly hair                      :------------) big liar
'-)    wink                            :-/    skeptical
( o ) ( o )    hooters                 :-7    smokes a pipe
(-)    needs a haircut                 :-9    smiley licking it's lips
(-:    Australian                      :-:    mutant
(-::-) Siamese twins                   :-<    real sad smiley
(-_-)  secret smile                    :-=)   Adolph Hitler
(00)   mooning you                     :->    happy
(8-)   wears glasses                   :-?    smiley smoking a pipe
(:)-)  likes to scuba dive             :-@    extremely angry
(:+)   big nose                        :-C    really bummed out
(:-#   smiley with braces              :-D    laughing (at you!)
(:-$   ill                             :-E    bucktoothed vampire
(:-&   angry                           :-I    thinking
(:-(   frowning                        :-O    Wow!
(:-)   surprised                       :-P    sticking out tongue
(:-*   kissing                         :-W    speak with forked tongue
(:-D   blabber mouth                   :-X    A big wet kiss!
(:-\   VERY sad                        :-\    Popeye
:-X    bow tie                         :-]    biting sarcasm
:-[    pouting                         :-`    spitting out chewingtobacco
(:<)   blabber mouth                   :-c    bummed out
(:>-<  thief: hands up!                :-e    disappointed smiley
(:^(   broken nose                     :-l    yet another smiley
(@ @)  You're kidding!                 :-o    surprise
  )    Cheshire cat                    :-s    after a BIZARRE comment
*!#*!^*&:-)  schizophrenic             :=)    has two noses
*:o)   Bozo the Clown                  :>     midget smiley
:-r    sticking tongue out             :>)    big nose
+-(:-) Religious leader                :?)    philosopher
:-{    mustache                        :@)    pig
:-{}   heavy lipstick                  :^)    broken nose
,-)    one eye ... and winking         ;-)    winking smiley
-:-)   has mohawk  &                    <:-(   dunce
:-}    drunk                           <:-)   dumb questions
-=#:-) wizard    &nbbsp;                     <<<<(:-)  hat salesman
->=:-)X  Zippy the Pinhead &nbbsp;           =):-)  Uncle Sam
:/)    not funny                       =:-)   smiley punk-rocker
::-)   wears glasses                   =:-H   football player
0-)    Cyclops                         >:)    a little devil
:<     midget unsmiley                 >:*)   Bozo the Clown
0-)    scuba diver                     >:-(   mad, annoyed
0:-)   angel                           @:-)   wavy hair
3:*>   Rudolph the reindeer            B-)    Batman
3:-o   cow                             B:-)   sunglasses on head
3:[    mean pet smiley                 C:-)   large brain capacity
3:]    pet smiley                      E-:-)  ham radio operator
4:-)   George Washington               E-:-I  net.ham-radio
5:-)   Elvis Presley                   P-)    Colonel Klink
7:)    Ronald Reagan                   Q:-)   new graduate
7:-)   Fred Flintstone                 [:-)   wearing a walkman
7:^]   Ronald Reagan                   d:-)   baseball player
8 :-)  wizard                          {(:-)  wearing toupee
8(:-)  Mousketeer                      {:-)   hair parted in the middle
8)     frog                            :(     sad
8-#    death                           :)     midget smiley
8-)    sunglasses                      :*     kisses
8-)    wide-eyed                       :*)    drunk
8-*    just ate a hot pepper           :-#    punched in the mouth
8-o    Mr. Bill                        ]:->   The Devil
8:-)   glasses on forehead             :-$    uncertainty
8:]    gorilla                         :-%    smiley banker
8=:-)  Galloping Gourmet               :-&    tongue-tied
:###)  Jimmy Durante                   }:-(   bull headed
:$)    Donald Trump                    }:-)   wearing toupee in an updraft
:%)    an accountant                   :-[    particularly angry
:'-)   crying with happiness

o== or *== flame on!!!
-==    a doused candle (tto end a flame)
 -(    always should wear safety glasses, especially in the laser
%-)    after staring at the terminal for 36 hours
':-)   accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning
-:-(   punk rocker (real punk  rockers don't smile)
0-(    scuba diver with a broken mask
:-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ... manic depressive
:-F    bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
Emoticon     Meaning
--------     --------
.-]          User has one eye
.-)          User has one eye
:-i          Semi-Smiley
:-]          Smiley blockhead
:-%          User has beard 
:-o          User singing national anthem
:-t          User is cross
:-:          User is mutant
:-(          Drama
:-)          Comedy
:-           User is male
:-?          User is smoking a pipe
:-=)         Older user with mustache
:-\          Undecided user
:-p          User is sticking their tongue out (at you!)
:-)'         User tends to drool
:-'|         User has a cold
:-)8         User is well dressed
:-D          User talks too much
:-\          Popeye smiling face, for people who look like popeye
:-#          User's lips are sealed.
:-o          User is shocked
:-*          User just ate a sour pickle
:-)-{8       User is a big girl 
:-s          User after a BIZARRE comment
:-o          User is surprised
:-{          User has a mustache
:-|          No expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'
-:-)      ;   User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
:-%          User has beard.
:-&          User which is tongue-tied
:-9          User licking it's lips
:-(          Sad
:-`          User spitting out its chewing tobacco
:-*          User after eating something bitter
:->          Hey hey             
:-X          User is wearing a bow tie
:-6          User after eating something sour
:-0          User is an orator
:-7          User after a wry statement
:-#|         User with bushy mustache
:-@          User face screaming
:-%          User is a banker
:-}          User wears lipstick
:-)          Humor (or smiley)   
:-v          Talking head Smiley
:-c          Bummed out Smiley
:-x          "my lips are sealed" Smiley
:-@          User's beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso
:-|          "have an ordinary day" Smiley
:-e          Disappointed Smiley
:-<          Real sad Smiley
:-I          Hmm                 
:-(          Boo hoo             
:-8(         Condescending stare
:-#          User's lips are sealed.
:-O          Uh oh               
:-Q          Smoker
::-)         User wears glasses
:<|          User attends an Ivy League school
:=)          User has two noses
:>           Midget Smiley
:>)          User has a big nose
:%)%         User has acne
:~)          User's face needs a nosejob, no explanation necessary
:n)          User with funny-looking right nose
:u)          User with funny-looking left nose
;-)          Winking Smiley
;-\          Popeye gets his lights punched out
'-)          User only has a left eye, which is closed
(-:          User is left-handed
(-)          User needing a haircut
(:-)         Smiley big-face
(:-(         unSmiley frowning
(:)-)        User likes to scuba dive
(:I          Egghead
):-(         UnSmiley big-face
)8-)         Scuba Smiley big-face
{:-)         Smiley with its hair parted in the middle
{(:-)        User is wearing toupee.
}(:-(        User, wearing toupee in wind.
+-(:-)       User is the pope
+:-)         Smiley priest
,-}          Wry and winking
*-(          Cyclops got poked in the eye
*:o)         User is a Bozo
*<|:-)       User is Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
<:I          Dunce
<|-)=        User is chinese
=:-)         User is a hosehead
=:-#}        Smiley punk with a mustache....
=:-)         Smiley punk-rocker
>-           Female
>:-<         Mad
%-^          User is Picasso
%-)          User is cross-eyed
#-)          User partied all night
@-)          Person submitting is Cyclops
@:I          Turban
|-O          Birth
|-)          Hee hee             
|-D          Ho ho              
|-)          User is asleep (boredom)
|-P          Yuk
0-)          User wearing scuba mask
8-)          User wears glasses
8            Infinity
8-|          Suspense
8-#          Death
8:-)         Glasses on forehead
8:]          Normal smiling face except that User is a gorilla
B-)          Horn-rims
B-|          User is wearing cheap sunglasses
g-)          Smiley with ponce-nez glasses
o-)          User is a cyclops
P-)          User is getting fresh
[:-)         User is listening to Walkman radio
[:|]         User is a robot

AFAIK           as far as I know
AFK             away from keyboard
AKA             Also Known As
ASAP            as soon as possible
BBL             be back later
BBS             be back soon
BEG             big evil grin
BF              boy friend
BRB             be right back
BTW             by the way
BWL             bursting with laughter
C&G             chuckle and grin
CID             crying in disgrace
CNP             continue in next post
CSG             chuckle snicker grin
CYA             see ya
CYAL8R          see ya later
DLTBBB          don't let the bed bugs bite
EG              evil grin
EMSG            email message
FAQ             Frequently Asked Questions
FUBAR           F***ed Up Beyond All Repair
FWIW            For What It's Worth
FYI             for your information
GF              girl friend
GFN             gone for now
GMBO            giggling my butt off
GMTA            great minds think alike
GTSY            glad to see you
H&K             hug and kiss
HAGN            have a good night
HAG1            have a good one
HHIS            hanging head in shame
IC              I see
IYKWIM          If You Know What I Mean
IGP             I gotta pee
IMO             in my opinion
IMHO            in my humble opinion
IRL             in real life
IWALY           I will always love you
JK              just kidding
JMO             just my opinion
JTLYK           just to let you know
KIT             keep in touch
KMA             kiss my a$$
KMB             kiss my butt
KOTC            kiss on the cheek
KOTL            kiss on the lips
L8R             later
L8R G8R         later gator
LHM             Lord help me
LHU             Lord help us
LMAO            laughing my a$$ off
LMBO            laughing my butt off
LMHO            laughing my head off
LOL             laughing out loud
LSHMBB          laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
LSHMBH          laughing so hard my belly hurts
LTNS            long time no see
LTS             laughing to self
LUWAMH          love you with all my heart
LY              love ya
NETUA           Nobody ever tells us anything
NTA             Non-Technical Acronym
OBTW            Oh, by the way
OIC             oh, I see
OK              abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
OL              old lady(wife, girlfriend)
OM              old man(husband, boyfriend)
OTOH            On The Other Hand
OTTOMH          off the top of my head
PDS             please don't shoot
PM              private message
PMJI            Pardon My Jumping In (Another way for PMFJI)
PMFJI           pardon me for jumping in
PMP             peed my pants
POAHF           put on a happy face
POOF            I have left the chat
PS              Post Script
QSL             reply
QSO             conversation
QT              cutie
RE              Hi Again (same as re's)
ROFL            rolling on floor laughing
ROFLAPMP        ...and peed my pants
ROFLMAO         ...my a$$ off
ROFLMAOAY       ......at you
ROFLMAOWTIME    .......with tears in my eyes
ROFLUTS         ...unable to speak
ROTFL           Roll on The Floor Laughing
RTF             Read The FAQ
RTFM            Read The F****** Manual
                 (The above is the original, it was later modified to:
                  Read The Fine Manual)
RTSM            read the stupid manual
SETE            smiling ear to ear
SHID            slaps head in disgust
SNAFU           Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
SO              significant other
SOHF            Sense Of Humor Failure
SPAM            Stupid Persons' AdvertiseMent
SWAK            sealed with a kiss
SWL             screaming with laghter
SYS             see you soon
TA              thanks again
TIA             Thanks In Advance
TOY             thinking of you
TPTB            The Powers That Be
TTFN            ta ta for now
TTYL            talk to you later
TX              Thanx
WB              welcome back
WRT             With Respect To
WTF             What/Who The F***?
WTH             what/who the heck?
WYSIWYG         What You See Is What You Get
YBS             you'll be sorry
YG              young gentleman
YL              young lady
YM              young man
YMMV            Your Mileage May Vary
YWIA            You're welcome in advance
*G*             giggle or grin
*H*             hug
*K*             kiss
*S*             Sob
*W*             wink
Many thanks to Bjorn Bratli who compiled these lists from many
posts on the alt.ascii-art newsgroup:
*             Bjorn Bratli (aka DaSmurf)           *
*             DaSmurf@Internetaddress.com          *

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