QUEST Graphics 



This is our fifth year making and selling QUEST Graphics, and we are as successful as ever!  QUEST Graphics is our computer printing and design business.  We sell personalized note cards, business cards, and gift enclosures.  We make the templates on the computer and then we personalize the cards to the customer's request - font, color, name, etc.  We use the program Micrografx Windows Draw to make our gift enclosures.  We make the note cards with Print Shop.   After we personalize the cards on the computer, we print them out, cut them, wrap them up in pretty bags with LOTS of curling ribbon, and finally we deliver them.

 Our most popular cards are our Christmas gift enclosure cards and monogrammed note cards.  The cutting is pretty hard, so Mrs. Seagraves does that. We sell 25 gift enclosure cards for $5.00 and 10 note cards and envelopes for $5.00.  All of our cards are done on either white or ivory cardstock .    Last year we did $3,000.00 worth of business and were able to purchase another computer, a scanner, and a super printer!  This year we did $3,500 in sales!  We are going to buy another computer, fix our Scholars Bowl lights, and buy some other neat stuff for our classroom.


If you want to make personalized stationary to make some money in your classroom, it is a wonderful project.  You have to be very careful about the graphics you use because of copyright laws.  It is possible to buy graphics to put on the cards which you can reproduce for profit - we bought a lot of ours from Dream Maker Software and Provo Craft.  We encourage all of the other teachers to try this project with their students. 


To see some samples of our gift enclosures click on the QUEST Graphics card.

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Background provided by Original Country Clipart by Lisa