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This is my friend Sammy Snail.  Click on him to learn some neat snail facts!

Everyone has snails in their garden, but many gardeners don't like snails because they have a tendency to eat the veggies growing in the garden.  You may know that a snail moves slowly, is slimy, and has a shell, but what else do you really know about them?  This  site is for snail lovers and kids who want to learn more about these interesting critters found in the schoolyard.

Garden Snail Classification:


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Molluska
Class: Gastropoda              Sublcass: Herterobranchia

Family: Stylomatophora
Genus: Helix aspersa

2001 S. Seagraves

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This is a thematic unit that contains activities with snails including snail photos, snail anatomy, snail life cycle, snail online games, snail crossword puzzles, snail worksheets, snail word search, a snail teacher's guide, snail experiments, snail activities, snail matching activity and how to keep snails at home and in the classroom.