Awarded 1-11-2000 

our first award!






"In appreciation of your site content and sheer commitment to education I would like to award you the "Teacher Education commitment to Education Excellence Award" and let you know that you are the Teacher Education - Site of the Moment."  

January 13, 2000



We are the Teacher Features Site of the Month - February 2000


wpe8.jpg (24530 bytes)I Love It!!  What a Great Site to enjoy and be inspired by.  Mrs. Seagraves QUEST Class is a GT group that is really, really busy.  The projects that these kids are involved in would make anyone want to succeed.  First of all, the site is really something to behold.  Greatly organized, cute graphics and a wide array of work is displayed here.   It is also snowing all around, which I love since it is the only snow I ever see =-).  You will find lots of classroom information, a spot for teachers and cool on-line activities.  You can make a virtual pond, complete a Greek monster puzzle, take quizzes and play garden concentration all right there on their site.  There is a very helpful "How did We do That" page that will give you hints if you want to add something like this to your page.  A couple of units are published here with a suggestion that more is to come.  Everyone should see this site, Mrs. Seagraves has really shown that she is a true scholar when it comes to designing web sites and a true teacher when it comes to motivating kids.



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