Classroom Activities, Crafts, and Recipes with Herbs


Herb Vinegar

Collect fresh herbs early in the morning.  You will need a minimum of one cup of firmly packed herbs.  Suggested herbs are: basil, tarragon, thyme, marjoram, dill and rosemary. Chives can also be blended with dill and basil.  

Place the herbs into a sterilized quart jar.  Fill the jar to within one inch of the top.  Push down on the herbs with a spoon to bruise them and release their flavors.  Cover the jar with plastic wrap, and screw the lid on tightly.  Store the jar in a warm place for from four to six weeks, making sure you shake the jar at least every other day.  If you need your vinegar in a hurry, you can place the jars out in the sun.  When the vinegar has absorbed the flavor of the herbs, strain off the mashed herbs and place fresh washed herbs in a tall bottle.  Pour the flavored vinegar over the fresh herbs, and cap with a cork.  You might want to tie a few strands of raffia around the neck of the bottle and it is ready to give as a gift.


Flavored Oils

Strip the herbs from their stems.  Use 1 cup of herbs to 2 cups of oil.  I prefer extra virgin olive oil, but you can also use sunflower oil  Puree the herbs and put them in a wide mouthed jar and cover with the oil.  Shake at least three times a day.  On the third day, strain the mixture with a fine mesh strainer or coffee filter.  Pour the oil into a tall bottle filled with some fresh herbs.


Pesto Sauce


In a blender combine:

 2 cups of fresh, washed sweet basil,

3 cloves of garlic

4 tsp. of walnuts

1/2 cup of olive oil

Blend all ingredients until they make a smooth paste.  Add 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese and blend again.  Serve over cooked noodles.


Bouquet Garni

wrap the following in cheesecloth tied up with a cotton cord:


2 sprigs marjoram

1 bay leaf

2 sprigs thyme

4 stalks parsley




Herb Garden Potpourri


2 cups thyme

1 cup rosemary

1 cup mint

1/2 cup basil

1/4 cup cloves

3 Tbs. orris root




Rosemary Pita Toasts

brush olice oil on pita bread which has been cut into triangles Sprinkle it with rosemary and salt.  Broil until crisp.


Italian Herb Mix

Put equal parts of dried oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme and sage into a small jar.  These make wonderful gifts.  


Herb Wreaths

Get fresh honeysuckle vines.  Wrap the vines around a jar about three times.  Use another vine to wrap around the wreath twining it over and under all the way around the wreath.  Tuck the end into the wreath.  Decorate with fresh sprigs of rosemary and dried flowers. 


Origami Seedling Pots

This article was reprinted with permission from the editor.  It is a reprint from 

Backwoods Home Magazine.  


Use old newspapers to make your starter pots

by Darlene Polachic

Why spend money buying plant starter packs when you can make all you need from old newspapers? The added benefit of these newspaper pots is that they can be set right into the ground where the paper will eventually decompose and, in the process, the seedling’s delicate root system won’t be disturbed by transplanting. Paper pots can be placed side-by-side in a cardboard box tray with the sides cut down to about three inches. Amazingly, the newspaper boxes will hold water and remain intact when wet.

Materials Needed:

Double sheets of 17” x 48” (when spread out) newsprint. Use smaller sized publications; most daily newspapers are too big in size to make a nice compact pot). Choose pages without color since the ink may be harmful to both the plant and the soil.


Method: (See Figures 1 - 10 at end of article)

Step 1: Begin with a double sheet of newspaper. Fold in half, making a sharp crease line. (Figure 1)

Step 2: Aligning bottom and top edges, fold in half again. (Figure 2)

Step 3: Bring left side edge to top edge in a diagonal fold. There will be a selvage edge left at right. (Figure 3)

Step 4: Fold selvage edge to back. (Figure 4)

Step 5: Bring right side edge to top edge in a diagonal crease. (Figure 5)

Step 6: Flip over with selvage edge to front. Fold sides forward lengthwise in equal thirds. (Figure 6)

Step 7: Open out and fold bottom and top forward in equal thirds. (Figure 7)

Step 8: Open out (Figure 8) and pleat bottom left corner (1) inward along diagonal crease line and fold behind front center panel A. Repeat with bottom right corner (2). Staple through all thicknesses at center of A. (Figure 9)

Step 9: Repeat step 8 with top corners and staple to complete pot. (Figure 10)

Step 10: Fill with soil and plant.


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Herbal Shampoo

Pour into a container:

10 oz. of castile soap (available at health food stores)

1 tablespoon olive oil

2-3 tablespoons of herbs (rosemary, ginger, thyme, or lemon balm)

Mix the ingredients together and seal tightly.  Store for 1-2 weeks in a cool place. Pour the liquid through a strainer and return it to the container.  You now have a fragrant herbal soap or shampoo!


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