Hear me,
my angel that does not exist.

I once reached for the stars.
And as I tumbled back to earth
with bits of ashes slipping between my fingers...

I once cried in pain -
an echo in the desert of my mind,
but you did not hear.

How those fairy tales promised me,
told me that I shall have my dreams?
I shall not.

For there is no angel,
to mend my heart
and hear these silent screams.

Are you listening?

How my dreams built too fast and fell too far.
But you can still find me,
for I lay adrift amongst the dust...

I thought in the cool light of the moon
shall be the tranquil place I rest.
Moon Goddess once said that can be my home.

I am lost in this sand storm
Bring me peace before this fury swallows me whole.
But no soothing Angel to sing on my shoulder.

Written on Aug. 28, 2002. Revised on May 20, 2003.