Angels of Music

An angel kneeling by her harpsichord
From her fingers borne her favorite ballad
In a lonely heart sorrow strikes a chord
Recalls that her love shall never be pallid

An angel leaning over his papyrus
From his fingers borne his beloved lyrics
In a forlorn mind longing repeated in a chorus
Declares that his love shall bear her merits

Her soul is all that she possess
Which she bestows through her reedy voice
He wishes to capture a real caress
Such that together they may rejoice

His heart is all that he owns
Which he sends between rhyming lines
She wishes to fit them to her tones
Such that his life her world combines

Land of Winter divides their warm hearths
World of day divides their haven of night
Land through which she has yet to traverse
World over which he has yet to take flight

While they remain in their solitary lives
Only their music and their song transcend
To the realm where the other survives
To comfort and await their torment's end

Written July 20-25, 2004.